Curls, actually following instructions, and surrendering…to Abby.

Sooooo, I curled my hair yesterday with my fancy wand. I wish it didn’t take quite as long as it does otherwise I would do it more often for work.

The hair process was after I did my tempo run. The first tempo workout since before I contracted the plague when I was up to 5 miles at a pace of 7:03min/mi. But today I knew that I should really scale it back given my hamstring (aka tight ass LOL) issues. But knowing something can be very different from the doing part.

I did a two mile warm-up and then launched into tempo. By the third mile of tempo, my heart rate was doing basically the same thing it was doing before I got sick (excellent to see)…but my hamstring wasn’t.

And, of course, despite the pain, I wanted to keep going, to get my 5 miles in like before…but I’m happy to say that I did the RIGHT thing – what my physio instructed me to do. I stopped at 3 miles. I knew that going beyond that was only going to irritate my hammie more and my gait was going to start to change and cause more problems.

Then, because my run was shortened, I had even more time to work on loosening up my glutes and TFL.

I did a little foam rolling out of my quads and ITB and then I took my larger therapy ball and went to town on my glutes…

And then my nasty TFL (nasty because it is so tight and painful right now)…

It both hurts and feels sooooo good.

My neighbour has a number of foster dogs (all chihuahuas) – here are just a few of her (motley) crew:















But this week she has a slightly larger one…one who Abby was not so sure about at the start…

…but Bonnie, the 10+ year old pitbull is the most gentle dog, and eventually Abby surrendered…

Abby also surrenders once she’s out of the tub in the morning after her walk…if only we all had servants to towel us off.

And this is her, hoping I am going to surrender and cuddle with her…

I surrendered. I mean, really, wouldn’t you??

Happy Wednesday!!

5 thoughts on “Curls, actually following instructions, and surrendering…to Abby.

  1. irtfyblog

    Hope you can work out that TFL pain. I know what that’s like and it can be a real hindrance between having a good workout and a great one.

    Abby…so sweet.

    Love the curls btw. You look good in curls…but you also look good in straight hair…wavy hair, messy hair…bouncy hair…slacker hair and any other kind of hair that I’m not able to mention right now. LOL

    Liked by 1 person


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