When it starts with a “4”, GOT girl crush, and Abby spots me during my workout.

When one of my colleagues goes on holiday, I’m the one on the team who covers for her and on certain days she’s off, it means I have to go into work earlier than usual. I’m covering for her this week. And, because I’m a morning runner and know I simply won’t run if I put it off until after work, this was my wake-up time Monday morning:

That’s just gross. My normal wake up time is 5:00, but seeing the hour start with a “4” just seems much more gross. LOL.

And oh how dark it is outside when I walk Abby that early – was so thankful to these people who still have their tree’s lights on!

Then it was an easy 5 miles on the treadmill – trying to stick to my physio’s rules. The pain in my hammie might have been a tad higher than a 4/10, but my gait was good. Did some quick stretching and then got ready and left for work.

Did strength training when I got home (since I definitely did not have time for it this morning!): squats, dead lifts, clam shells, TRX rows, push-ups, core

Abby is desperate to be a part of my workout

Look at those uneven hips…definitely favoring my right leg…sigh

And then by the end, Abby does a full-on attack of kisses.

And then we just have some quiet time – cheek to cheek.

I did a 2 mile warm-up for my strength workout and, obviously, watched some GOT.


Best scene ever.

For those of you who have watched GOT (spoiler alert for those who haven’t)…you’ll understand why I have a HUGE girl crush on Dany…

And why I cackled (yes, I think I cackled) when Kraznys was torched by the dragon!!

And if you want to rewatch the scene (which I have already done a few times), you can do so here: DANY IS BADASS

Yesterday, my good friend, M, reminded me that I have been blogging for over a year now.

Ok, no, not quite. I post fairly often and it is NOT legendary but, when I think back what I was going through in my life when I wrote that first post (which is what I talk about in the first few paragraphs), and then I think about what I have done, the people I have met, and the incredible friends I have made over the past year. Well, for me, that has been legendary. Am looking forward to this next year.

Happy Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “When it starts with a “4”, GOT girl crush, and Abby spots me during my workout.

  1. Jessica

    yikes 4:30.. when I do longer than 5 miles I wake up at 5. but I just can’t seem to wake up at 4:30. I’ll do it unplanned though. lol
    and good job at your one year of blogging.!



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