Bacon heaven, flying dragons, Abby and her nemesis and my hammie diagnosis (in my words).

Let’s just first talk about the bacon that I had this weekend. LOL

This was taken by my friend, Stephanie, who I had brunch with on Saturday after an easy 5 mile run. Her plate is the close one with that less than appetizing looking sausage…mine is across the table…bacon piled high on the homefries. That’s heaven, folks.

I did those 5 miles pre-bacon on my treadmill watching, obviously, GOT. Can I also say how cool I think the dragons are…they fly around now!

I can’t believe that I just said how much I love watching dragons. What has happened to me!?

Saturday night was a teammate’s birthday celebration. We started off the evening at her house with some of her family there and birthday cake.

Vanessa (bday girl), me and Nadine (super fast girl)

Can I tell you how old I felt?? She is turning…24. TWENTY FOUR. That was 13 years ago. Sigh.

Oh well, I had GREAT hair for the party!

I’m not sure one ever looks good under one of these and with 18 layers of foil in their hair!! But this is me in the car after I left the salon. All the grey hairs covered and a few inches taken off…and a serious dent in my bank account. Ohhh, but so worth it!

Sunday morning we woke up to a winter wonderland that was so beautiful you couldn’t help but be happy about more winter having descended upon us.

The only problem, for Abby, was that it was wet snow…her nemesis.

Wet snow likes to make hundreds of snow balls on her belly, weighing her down. It’s hilarious to see. But it also means, once home, she has to go straight into the tub to have the snowballs melted off her with warm water (I’m not into having puddles all over my floors). She is NOT a fan of this. NOT AT ALL.

Then it was time for me and Andy to go out on our long run. First one in 2 weeks. We did 10 miles and let me tell you, it was GORGEOUS outside. I don’t want to say this too loudly, in case winter hears me, but I took my mitts off during the run!!

Ottawa really is such a beautiful city year round.

After my run I went to physio. Joey is also on my team and let me tell you, she’s bad-ass.This is her doing deadlift rep #14 of 25…with 255lbs. See? BAD. ASS.

She assessed my hamstring issue and basically diagnosed me with a tight ass. Ok, those weren’t her EXACT words, but it’s how I’m choosing to look at the diagnosis. For a variety of reasons (of which we discussed) my glutes and hip flexors became very tight which caused a tilt in my pelvis that resulted in VERY TIGHT and ANGRY hamstrings.

So, her prescription for me was to continue running as long as the pain in my hamstrings is

  • no more than a 4/10 (it was a 7/10 on my run this morning) and
  • that I don’t feel my hamstring issue changing my gait (which it has TOTALLY been doing) and
  • these and my glutes are to spend A LOT of time together

Happy Monday!!

7 thoughts on “Bacon heaven, flying dragons, Abby and her nemesis and my hammie diagnosis (in my words).

  1. Jessica

    you defenitly don’t look too much older than 24.!
    woah 255 deadlifts, that’s pretty beast. haha.

    and a tight ass hahah. well I’m glad you can still keep running and your prescription sounds great.!


  2. rundoodlerun

    Oh man, our snow has finally melted – it’s still cold for morning long runs, but it’s so amazing to run and not see snow! I’ve been dealing with the angry hammies for a while, too. I’m not even sure what I did, but the negotiations with them are not progressing in the manner I would prefer. Good luck with yours!



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