Men vs. Women and a celebration in my basement with dragon fire!





Last night I had a board meeting for my field hockey club. It was me and 5 men sitting around a table discussing the spring/summer season format, dates, budget, etc. There was a lot of disagreement, name calling, trash talking, shouting and frustration. This is how all our meetings are. Then, when the meeting is adjourned, we get up from the table and someone invariably says, “Hey, someone want to go down the street to such and such a pub and grab another beer?”. We got stuff done, everyone was honest, called people on their BS and then we moved on, no feelings hurt. This is NOT how it is when a meeting is made up of mostly women. LOL.

Driving home from the meeting…I’m sorry, but how can you NOT sing and dance in your seat when this comes on? Well, at least I can’t. LOL

And then, something VERY exciting happened last night when I got home from my meeting…

I set up my new 21st century TV!!! Yup, slightly different from the 20in tube TV I have been faithful to until its death. And so, obviously I had to test drive it this morning…which was easy because winter has returned.

I’m serious, after ONE day of above freezing temps and this temps now feel like ARCTIC AIR.

As for my TV experience…

Um, yeah, the dragons were breathing fire today on GOT!!! It was so awesome!!

Did 5 miles – a little bit slower than I was doing it pre-plague but what’s actually concerning is how sore my right hamstrings are.

“I’ll count to 10 while I writhe around…that way it’ll look real”

Ok, but no, like I’m serious, It’s sore when I walk, run, drive my car, sit at my desk. I guess the positive is that it’s the same level of sore no matter what I do? LOL.

I’ve made a physio appointment for Sunday.

Happy Thursday!!

17 thoughts on “Men vs. Women and a celebration in my basement with dragon fire!

  1. irtfyblog

    ~ Wait! sooo, Canadians are actually verbally insulting to one another?
    ~ Looks like the new TV is a keeper! Welcome to the 21st century!
    ~ No Abby cuteness? You’re going to have to give us double the pleasure in your next post!!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Yes, we throw insults but it is always followed with “eh”!
      Example: “You’re such an a**hole, eh!” Lol!!
      Yes, sometimes I like to pretend that I’m important/interesting and that it’s not really all about Queen Abby!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. irtfyblog

        I always thought when a Canadian followed any phrase with “eh” they were asking a question. For example: “So, I was at the pub drinking beer, eh?” Even though it was a statement of where they were, they are asking the other person if that’s true. LOL!

        You’re blog is about you?


      2. 50statecanuck Post author

        Lol. I’m going to start paying attention to when I say “eh” (which is a lot…even in emails, lol!) and I’ll let you know!!
        Sigh, no, it’s about Abby…but a girl can dream!!

        Liked by 1 person

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