Tragedy in the basement, rare flora sighting and Abby waking…oh, the cuteness.

Ok, something terrible happened at home…in my basement.

Yup, the ol’ faithful tube TV has bit the dust. It still has audio…but no picture. And hearing people’s heads getting whacked off on GOT is just not the same if you can’t SEE it as well!

So, when I decided I wanted to try running this morning you can bet that I was over the moon excited when this is the temperature I was given (since TM’ing it in the basement with no TV was just NOT going to happen)!!!!

That’s right. I think that is almost a billion degrees warmer than my last run outside. And, you might want to sit down for this. I saw grass. I know, crazy talk, right?

It was so freeing to be able to run with just a headband, no scarf, a light jacket and no hand warmers!!! In terms of physically how it felt – I was definitely coughing a bit, but I kept the pace nice and easy (8:21 min/mi or 5:11 min/km) and post-run, the coughing hasn’t got worse than normal so…WOOHOO!!

The sun was absolutely gorgeous this morning and I had to stop and snap a pic…but my phone was a little sweaty and so the first pic turned out crazy!!

This is what I was really looking at:

Last night I went out with some work friends for dinner to my fav, Green Papaya where I ordered my usual:

“Panaeng with beef and steamed rice…and a little spicier than the menu says…but not TOO spicy…not the 5 pepper rating you almost killed me with once!”. They always laugh. Just like they laughed when I almost died that one time I had their 5 pepper dish. LOL #notkidding

Abby was NOT ok with me being at work and then out for dinner…and gave me the silent treatment accordingly.

But all seemed forgiven by this morning…I don’t know how I manage to get out of bed with this cuteness wanting to cuddle.

Happy Wednesday!!

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