She’s baaaaack, Abby does her exercises, and playing the emoji game!

Yeah, I am BACK. Take that, nasty flu bug.

But before it got better, things actually got worse for a bit…by Friday night I was back to being in rough shape AND I was in tears because I was just is so much discomfort and saw no end in sight. People. It was ugly.

Well for me at least. Abby was in heaven.

At one point I realized that I had barely eaten a thing that day and knew that had to be contributing to overall feeling of TOTAL CRAP…but I had no appetite…except for ONE THING.

Those golden arches. Soooooo good.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. McDonald’s is seriously skimping on the special sauce on the Big Mac and salt on the fries these days. But for someone fighting the plague, I wasn’t really complaining.

Slowly, over the weekend, I started to feel like a human again and by Sunday evening, I allowed my friend Greg to actually eat dinner with me – but I made sure he was fully aware of the risks involved with being in close contact with me. LOL.

Obviously, my mood was low last week and that’s when you need friends to cheer you up…especially those few friends who you can be completely silly with. I have a VERY good friend like that (sadly, he lives 8 hours from me). We hit a new high of silliness this past weekend when we played the “Be like an Emoji” game. How does one play that you ask?

Yup. Told you it was silly!

But oh so hilarious, and after not laughing much in a week, this was just awesome.

Monday was my first day back at work and let me tell you, it was AMAZING to be back there with all my peeps and things to do!! And, I was on such a high that I did some strength training when I got back home.

Single leg squats, dead lifts, clam shells, TRX rows, push-ups, planking

Can you tell that she missed me on my first day back – she did some clamshell glute exercises alongside me!!My coach was away in Cayman Islands last week on holiday so he didn’t know I had been sick until I emailed him this past weekend to fill him in on why I had no training log to send him. This was his response:

I’ve been pretty good at not freaking out about a week off from training but I knew that going into this week when I was starting to feel better that I would start to worry about getting back full into training and, really, I just missing running…I soooo needed him to tell me (remind me) that my number one priority is to get better. That I can afford this time off.

As for Abby, she was needing extra snuggles after my first day back at work…

Happy Tuesday!!

15 thoughts on “She’s baaaaack, Abby does her exercises, and playing the emoji game!

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    Yay – you are back!! Big Macs = yummy yum sometimes!

    Your group was really tiny last Thursday! I have stupid parent-teacher interviews on Thursday, but have no one booked, so I begged my Principal to let me go to track instead (he was all “yes, but no”) – no speedwork for me, but I like seeing the kids!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      What? You have to be at the school “just in case” a parent wants to meet with you?? :(((
      I’m not sure my lungs are ready for track this week…might be another week until I’m out!


  2. Brittany

    Oh man, there are few things more satisfying than a burger and fries after being sick and away from food for a bit. My burger is made from beans or vegetables, but still! 😉 Glad you’re feeling better!


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