When the flu happens to me and my innocent dog…

This post is more to a) make me feel somewhat normal (i.e. give me a chance to communicate with the outside world) and b) let you know that I’m still alive. LOL.

Unbelievably, this is Friday and my 5th day in a row of staying home from work. That has NEVER happened in my life. I cannot believe how much this flu has KICKED. MY. BUTT. Apparently even self-appointed ninja’s with #roar have kryptonite. LOL.

And YES, I did get my flu shot…it just missed the mark this year.

I feel like crap. And it has been confirmed that I look that way as well. Abby still insists on being taken out for at least a walk (crawl) around the block twice a day and the unfortunate few neighbours who have run into me as I stumble around in the snow with her have been unable to hide their initial reaction when they see my face…invariably their faces have much resembled this…

But they have also come together and taken good care of me delivering food to my house (I don’t answer the door, they just leave it on the doorstep and walk away…to avoid contracting the plague themselves) and offering to do anything I need – I am SO lucky. Here is a some fresh homemade soup that one neighbour dropped off the other night…

It tastes sooooo good that it is almost worth being sick in order to get this delivered to your house.

My mom dropped off (meaning, she rang the doorbell and ran) some of my favorite soup made locally…

I will say however, that when I was slurping back the Thai Sweet Potato, this was not what I was expecting…

And how’s Abby you ask? Well, she has gone from being constantly IN MY FACE

Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!

To easing back a little bit…but still giving me the Jedi stare….

To just being close enough to remind me that she’s still there…And you can tell it has been stressful for her…
And I’m starting to get VERY bored…because when I see this cute little paw……I think it is just BEGGING me to poke at it LOLBut don’t worry, it doesn’t bother her much…she can still find a way to sleep and avoid my boredom behaviour!Yeah. I’m losing my mind. LOL

Buuuuuut. The good news is that this morning, I don’t feel like death. Nope, there is an improvement. I just feel like I have a really, really, really bad cold. Yay! LOL

My plan is to be back to almost 100% on Monday. Fingers (and paws) crossed, please!

Happy Friday!

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