Am out of the game right now…but I WILL be back just as strong after this pause.

It’s winter. People are more likely to get sick now. Add on to that that I work at a Children’s Hospital. Yup, the germs are having a party all around me. People kept talking about how there was something really nasty going around and I smugly though to myself last Friday, “Yeah, well I take good care of myself…and so I am feeling FABULOUS”. Fast forward to today where I am on day two of dying on my couch.

It feels like someone has taken a blowtorch to my lungs…I feel ok when I don’t breathe but, well, your body has this funny NEED to breathe that I can’t seem to override.

This is probably the 4th sick day I have ever taken so I got a few of these types of texts from co-workers yesterday as news spread that Jane was home…SICK.

So yeah, when I get sick…


Abby thinks she has won the jackpot and that her prize is that she gets to spend her days sprawled on me.

I’ll tell you, when you have a bit of a fever…that hot little body is not always the thing you want on you…but SHE does NOT understand that.

And is quite persistent in reminding you that she believes it is her right to lie on top of my chest and face at ALL TIMES.

But, I had a good weekend before I got sick so let me rewind to happier times. No field hockey again on Saturday so that morning my dad and I headed up to the cottage to shovel off the roof since another almost 2 feet of snow had fallen since we were last up.

I thought that I could get away with not bringing my snowshoes this time…

Yeah, tactical error on my part.

Because there had been no thaws/freezing rain since we were last up, we were shoveling pure powder off the roof which is really weird for here…and a bit more work because we can’t really do the “cake cutting” as well – the pieces break apart before you make it to the edge of the roof.

My dad thinks I’m ridiculous, but indulges my requests for him to take my pic.

Hard to believe that I will be roasting myself down on that dock in less than 5 months…’

Yup, we’ve shoveled a good amount of snow off the roof this year…

It was a beautiful day to be up there…and back in the city, it was warm enough that I walked Abby…

…WITHOUT snow pants on and I didn’t die of exposure!!

Saturday night one of my neighbours was having a party…

This woman is in her 80s!! I can only dream I look that good when I'm 60!!

This woman is in her 80s!! I can only dream I look that good when I’m 60!!

Had a REALLY good night…probably too good a night. Didn’t go to sleep until 2:30 aaaaaaand with way too much wine in me. So when I woke up Sunday morning feeling like crap, I just attributed it to over partying and still ran 10 miles. THAT was my biggest mistake. I was hacking up a lung during my run and by the time I went to bed Sunday night, I knew I was in trouble.

Oh well, getting sick happens. Frustrating because my running is going so well and so I can’t help but freak out a bit…buuuuuut, a) there is no way I could run right now (I can barely climb the stairs in my house) and b) my body needs to rest right now. I’ll be healthy again and will get back to where I was.

Getting rid of my blowtorch lungs is my main focus right now…that and watching lots of trash daytime TV in between frequent naps! LOL

Happy Tuesday!


19 thoughts on “Am out of the game right now…but I WILL be back just as strong after this pause.

      1. Chris

        You could catch up on mindless tv series watching or watch a movie. What do you like besides drama (if you say romantic comedy then I have no clue what to suggest)?


      2. 50statecanuck Post author

        The problem I have encountered is that I keep falling asleep…so I can’t start watching anything I’m interested in ’cause I just have to rewatch it! Lol


      3. irtfyblog

        I’m so sorry. I wish there was something I could do to make your cold go away and give you back your energy. If you’re up for it, you could search the internet for really pathetic articles and email them to me. 😉 At least it would give you something to do.
        If you choose to take on this task, here’s my email:


      4. 50statecanuck Post author

        Lol!! Will do! Without even having to search I can tell you that anything that has come out of Dr. Oz’s mouth is pathetic. And a lie. And dangerous. Lol. Don’t get me started!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. irtfyblog

        LOL! Oh, I agree! and please don’t get me started on Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil, or any of the other daytime “doctors”. They are the epitome of the old proverb: “Those who can’t do…teach.”

        I look forward to seeing what you find. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Brittany

    I had the damn bug for a week!! I wanted to punch it right in the ovaries. I was the same way and had JUST told me friend “I haven’t been sick in over a year.” THEN BOOM. UGH.

    Liked by 1 person


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