My exciting PB last night, how we dress here, and Abby cuteness.

I’m still in shock about it all.

Last night was my track workout and coach gave us:

3 sets of 4×400 on 1 minute rest, 3 minutes between sets, at 5k pace.

Here are the awesome speedy feet I was with last night:

The first 11 intervals were awesome. I felt strong and we were all helping push each other through the workout. On the last one, Nadine, the fastest girl, came up to me and said, “This is yours tonight. You’re going to pb your 400 in a workout. Start right behind me and we’re going to do it. I had been two behind Nadine all workout and Vanessa, who had been in between us, looked at me and said, “Jane I will only hold you back, you need to go in front of me on this last one”. So, with our minute of rest finished, I took off on Nadine’s heels and these are the numbers I get to record in my training diary:

Do you see that last one??!! OMG. My previous pb, set only a couple of weeks ago, was 1:21. My teammates were losing their minds with excitement and I was just in shock. LOL. So obviously, we went out and celebrated afterwards. And this pic just proves why these girls are my type of girls. Super speedy, fit women and not afraid to chow-down.

A very close (running) friend (who doesn’t live here in Ottawa) messaged me after my workout and this was our conversation…

Hilarious. He and I have NEVER discussed religion let alone shared bible verses!! And then his realization of what I was saying…so awesome. That is the beauty of running friends.

My hamstrings on my right side (at their point of origin) have been angry since…well, since curling. On Tuesday, knowing that I had over 48 hours of rest ahead of me, I booked a massage appointment. The magic of it was that my neighbour is a massage therapist (and a firefighter…yes, ladies, it’s awesome) and he works out of his home. So all I had to do was skip on over (yes, I skipped) to his house for my 7pm appointment.

It’s still cold here…here is my colleague showing off what is hidden under her pants: long underwear, knee high socks, boots.

But the sun is getting stronger and the sunsets have been given us hope of an end to winter.

I’ve been spending a lot of time out of the house in the evenings lately, so when I am there, this little one latches right on to me for cuddles.

And isn’t eager for us to get out of bed in the morning…

Happy Friday!!!

3 thoughts on “My exciting PB last night, how we dress here, and Abby cuteness.

  1. carrythemessage

    Wow. That is amazing. We are not worthy (bows)

    Congrats on your fantastic time!

    It’s also great that you have such kind and helpful ladies running with you. Makes a difference I can see!

    Have a great weekend – rest up 🙂




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