My heart confirms it and my bacon dream.

Ok, so normally I have other things to talk about than just running…but for the last 36 hours my life has been about just surviving the cold (it’s so cold I can’t even bring myself to take pics/videos of Abby rolling in the snow on our walks) and running. And while the cold is REALLY sucking the life out of me (and everyone else who is dealing with it), the running part? OMG, I need to share with you how exciting it has been the last few days.

As you might know, my training for 2015 is based on heart rate. The pace of all runs (with the exception of my track workouts where I just hold on for dear life) is dictated by my heart rate.

Easy Runs (Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays) are done at whatever speed allows me to stay within a HR range of 134-150 (Zone 1)

Tempo Runs (Tuesdays) are done within a HR range of 166-185 (Zone 3)

Long Runs (Sundays) are done within a HR range of 151-165 (Zone 2)

On Monday, as I was doing my easy run, I realized that after a couple of miles, I was well below my heart range…and I had to significantly increase my speed in order to get my HR up. Ok, that’s a good sign…

And then, this morning, for my tempo run (which is normally fairly killer)…umm, I had to increase my pace from 7:13min/mi to 7:03min/mi and that only kept me in the LOW end of the zone I wanted to be in.

Ohhhhhh yeah…

I am totally doing a happy dance (like a little arctic creature) because that is CLEAR feedback to me that what I am doing is working and that I am improving my fitness!! WOOHOO!! Such an awesome confidence booster and motivator!!

It also helped that THIS was going on this morning on GOT during my tempo run…WILDFIRE

And while I’m stoked about my accomplishments…this guy?…I can only dream….


Happy Tuesday!!


13 thoughts on “My heart confirms it and my bacon dream.

  1. carrythemessage

    the heart rate zone training is interesting. Someone mentioned on Twitter to me many months ago and I looked into it (a bit). I can’t remember the reasoning behind it, but it seems to work for many folks (clearly it does for you, speedypants!) I sometimes wonder if that’s something to look into because there is something going by pace that doesn’t always work for me. That is, if the idea is going by effort, then if it’s a run at a certain time of the day (like very early morning), my effort level feels strained to hit a certain pace that later in the day I can easily hit with less effort. Does that make sense? It would be easier for me to slow down in the morning and maintain a zone and then later in the day increase pace to maintain same zone. More in line with the body.

    Is that sort of the reasoning? i don’t know – typing / thinking aloud.

    Anyway, great job – you are certainly one of the running folks I look up to. Inspiring.

    And for the bacon dude – don’t get me started on those food “athletes”…gross.

    Stay warm – I am getting so sick of this cold weather too!



    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      In some ways I wish I had done this heart rate training thing years ago…but in otherways, I feel like I have stumbled upon it at just the right time…and I value it even more. That being said, I would recommend anyone doing it – at any time.
      For me, it allows me to truly be in touch with my body…my body (not my brain and my fears and my feelings inadequacy when I compare myself to those faster than me) leads my training and tells me when to push more or when to hold back. I now find all training stress free and enjoyable. THAT hasn’t happened in…well, maybe forever.
      Please pick my brain if you’re interested in delving into this world!!



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