That last place I expected to cross-train this weekend (and oh-so Canadian), bacon-sharing and Abby.

When I went into the weekend, I really didn’t have any plans outside of my long run and attending to some MUCH needed chores around the house. Ha. Yeah, that changed.

Saturday morning, with no hockey (turf was reserved for a soccer tournament), I was able to sleep in a little bit and have a nice long leisurely walk with Abby through the enchanted forest.

Then she found a stick…that proved again she has no idea her actual body size.

I got back home and was just about to change into clothes to get 6 miles done on the treadmill when my doorbell rang. It was my neighbour…with the ODDEST request. Could I fill in for a sick teammate on their…CURLING TEAM. This was probably my reaction:But she was serious. It was a funspiel (just for fun tournament) and she SWORE that it didn’t matter that I hadn’t curled in years AND that it had only been with family members (meaning, we made up our own rules and skills!).

And so, that is how I spent my Saturday.

Don’t I look like a pro? Ba-hahahaha.

Here is a video of the team we were playing against…

…that sweeping business? Yeah, I can barely move my left shoulder now I am in so much pain from it. Clearly I need to ditch doing weights in my basement and just sweep my floor more often!

These curling people…they’re obsessed. While eating lunch and watching the other teams play out on the sheets, we were also watching the Tournament of Hearts (which was happening this weekend and was very exciting for curling fans) on TV. Curling overload. I felt VERY Canadian.

But it was a great day and I am so happy my neighbours asked me to join them!

Yes, we also enjoyed some of that beer piled up on the side!

We got a dump of snow on Saturday and on my way home from curling I saw some poor dude who had the worst job ever…Target (Canada) has gone out of business (because Target Canada SUCKED) and so the stores have “sales” (which, just like the store, suck too) going on right now…

This poor guy had to stand there holding the Target sign trying to lure motorists to the lame-o sales.

Abby and I walked again through the enchanted forest…a little more snow this time for Abby to wade through

And then this…this is what happens when you have short legs but refuse to accept that fact easily.

Sunday morning I woke up to summer. Well, not really, but remember last week’s -39 temps? Yesterday’s 12 miler was done is 14F/-10C weather and it was ah-maaaaaazing!!

After my run I went out for brunch with my friend Greg…I was SO starving by the time I got my meal (that FOR SURE included bacon) that I was done almost before he had taken his first bite. And you know what he did? He gave me some of his bacon. THAT is just awesomeness.

Happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “That last place I expected to cross-train this weekend (and oh-so Canadian), bacon-sharing and Abby.

  1. irtfyblog

    Hahaha….I love Abby! She’s adorable! thanks for the videos of her.

    Curling is the only winter sport that I haven’t attempted yet (that I know of). Sweeping always looks hilarious from the sidelines, and I imagine that it’s about a much fun as chopping wood…but I’d still like to try it. 🙂 glad you had a good weekend.


  2. bobbyjessica2319

    haha. your dog in that snow is crazy.!! at least you can’t lose her because she’s black. Curling is sooo interesting, in the US, we just don’t know what to think about it. lol


  3. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    I’m not 100% Canadian since I’ve never gone curling. Oppsies…..

    The Target by my place has those Target sign holders out too. I don’t think it is necessary at all – like a sign held by a frozen person is going to make me want to pull over and shop there….



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