Cold war (literally), Valentine’s Day surprise, and Abby.

Ohhhhh, what a great long weekend that was!! For most in the US, it was President’s Day that had you enjoying a holiday yesterday but for me, in Ontario, it was Family Day that let me play hookey! It’s not a federal holiday as only about two thirds of the provinces celebrate it, but mine is one of them!!

Friday night was American Sniper – the story of Chris Kyle, a Navy Seal sniper who saw acts of violence that most of us can’t even imagine.

It was a good movie – but we both felt like it was too much information attempted to be addressed in 2 hours…so overall, it felt like things were glossed over which was a shame. The line-up to 50 Shades was hilarious. 95% women all waiting anxiously to get into the theatre to see what the critiques are saying is a bad movie. I could have told them that.

Saturday morning was field hockey.

My team kinda rocked it. See that most of my movements are at one end? Yeah, that was NOT the end were were defending…it was the end were were annihilating them in. LOL.

Abby and I had some fun on our walk that afternoon…those little legs can work!

Saturday night was a Valentine’s day party at a neighbour’s house…people’s dogs are invited…there are just way too many chihuahua’s who live on my street.

Abby spent the whole night curled up on my lap (even she is smart enough to know those little things can be vicious! LOL!)

But right before I left to go to the party, my doorbell rang and when I opened it, I was handed this box.

And inside were these

A VERY important friend of mine, who lives far away, sent these to me. How awesome is that?? I MIGHT have got a little teary-eyed.

Saturday morning I awoke to unbelievable sunshine and these temps

I was without my running partner this weekend because he was away visiting his in-laws for the long weekend. I was to do 10 miles and let me tell you, I was tempted to do them on the treadmill…but at the same time, I knew I could just suck it up and get it done outside. I mean, I grew up here, it’s not like I have never experienced these temps before!

This is what was meant when I was told I had Disney Princess eyes – like from Frozen…right?

This is half way into my run. LOL. To be honest, despite there being a fierce wind that literally would take my breath away, I was warm…my biggest problems was that my eyelids kept freezing shut…kinda hard to see when you can’t open your eyes. Goggles don’t work because I need to have my nose covered, so the scarf just sends the warm air up into the goggles and fogs (which then freezes) them. Everyone else out running was in the same predicament…it was funny. Kinda.

I was out for dinner (bacon was involved) Sunday night at a friend’s and we watched the movie The Judge…with Robert Downey Jr. (who I love) and Robert Duvall. Entertaining enough for a cold Sunday night.

Monday morning, I got to just sleep until I woke naturally…I lazed in bed, enjoying the sunshine streaming in through my windows. And then I checked the weather and wanted to just hide.

I know it’s just a degree or two colder from Sunday…but it seems SO MUCH worse. And of course I was hoping Abby would feel the same way.

Yeah, right, what was I thinking.

So what do you do on a day that’s just stupid cold? Well, after I did my 6 miles ON MY TREADMILL, a friend and I headed for the Diefenbunker. My first trip there was with my good friend, Mย when he was in town back in September – I posted about it here.

photo 1 (2)A quick refresher, the Diefenbunker is a four-story, 300 room, 100,000 square foot underground bunker, built between 1959 and 1961, and was meant to house 535 Canadian government officials and military officers in the event of a nuclear war. This is the only part that’s above ground…the 4-stories are all below this…it’s creepy as anything.

The morgue and the freezer are the same thing.

After that it was relaxation and some homemade (not by me!) Pho for dinner….perfect meal when you live in the deep freeze.

And I’ll leave you with this comedy act.


12 thoughts on “Cold war (literally), Valentine’s Day surprise, and Abby.

  1. Just a Running Chick

    @jenkirk72, I can say that the American Sniper book has been interesting reading.

    I just love Abby! I admit I don’t walk my dog as much when it’s this cold, but it’s also like playing a game of Operation here – the narrow sidewalks of snow, which is yellow from all the other dogs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I think the book would be MUCH better than the movie in many ways.

      LOL – Abby does help make the winter better…I think it’s good to get outside and with Abby it means I’m outside twice a day for a considerable amount of time…painful, but probably good for my health! LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. bobbyjessica2319

    I still haven’t seen American Sniper, but I like your review. I feel like its not bias like so many other people. and awee what a sweet surprise at your door ๐Ÿ™‚



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