An international reunion on the thermometer and my attempt at dressing like a superhero!

Looks so beautiful, right?

Yeah, this is what is REALLY going on today:

I love it when Fahrenheit and Celsius come together. LOL.

Thankfully even Abby didn’t want to spend that much time out there this morning.

Workouts over the past few days:

Wednesday: REST DAY!

Thursday: Track workout

3 sets of 5 X 300M, jog across the infield
All at 5K effort, 3 minutes between sets

This was an interesting workout for me because I’m used to having rest breaks where I can actually stop, but for this one, it’s active recovery between intervals and you only stop for those 3 minutes between sets. You can see by the graph below, my HR doesn’t have time to recover much between intervals  – that jog across the infield took about 28 seconds and then you’re off again.

I kept my pace under control for the first 14 intervals because, truth be told, I’ve been having a serious allergic reaction after each track workout (I spend every Friday suffering like I have a terrible head cold and cough and go through boxes of Kleenex…and by Saturday I’m fine) and I wanted to see if it’s the intensity (along with the dry air inside the dome) that’s causing it.

My average time for the 300’s was 1:09 (6:10min/mi or 3:50min/km)…but I let it rip for the last one and did it in 58 seconds (5:11min/mi or 3:13min/km)…aaaaaaaaand, got my heart rate to 196! (and I’m not suffering from an allergic reaction today!!) #RAWR

Friday: 6 miles (and start of Season 2 of GOT) + single leg squats with TRX, deadlifts, push-ups, and TRX rows.

Yesterday afternoon I got a tip-off from a friend that Giant Tiger (a store sort of like Walmart, but only Canadian) was selling some super awesome bikinis. You know, the type of clothing LAST on the mind of most Canadians right now. But, always a sucker for a cool new bikini, I obviously rushed right over after work (because word on the street was that they were flying off  the shelves)…

The “Batman” on the bottoms is on the butt

This one has a whole bunch of superheros – see below for close-up.They also had Superwoman and Superman ones – but these were the two that spoke to me…the Bat(wo)man one is more ninja-like to me! :)) For any females in Ottawa reading this, they can be found at the Walkley location…and they really are flying off the shelves.

So, basically, I need to find myself back into that hot tub soon so I can sport these new items!!

Am off to see American Sniper tonight…and no joke, we picked a theatre and showtime that matched 50 Shades of Grey so that we could spy on the craziness that was lining up! LOL.

Happy Friday!

19 thoughts on “An international reunion on the thermometer and my attempt at dressing like a superhero!

  1. irtfyblog

    Why exactly did you NOT model the bikini’s for us? hrrrmmmm??? 😉

    Also, after three months of living in my own winter wonderland that picture of the snow covered everything doesn’t look beautiful…it looks like something I want to see in my rearview mirror as I’m heading to a much warmer climate. lol.


  2. Just a Running Chick

    LOL those bikinis are so cool! We’re expected to get bitter wind chills (as low as yours) tonight. I’ve experienced them before in Rochester, NY and Minneapolis, MN, but still! 🙂 I’m reading American Sniper – It’s a good book. One review I heard about re: 50 Shades of Grey (the film) is that the reviewer was facing the wrong way (i.e., toward the screen, not away from the screen!). Have fun!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Hahaha!!! I have not read any good reviews for 50 either!! American Sniper was good…but I’m sure the book would be better…the movie tries to pack too much in and so everything is glossed over a bit too much for me. But still a good movie!!
      Stay warm!!!!


  3. Kyle Desormeaux

    Yeah, a comment about the dome. After a race or a really hard workout in the dome, I get sneeze fits, so it’s common I think.



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