Staying on top of LIFE while running…and still moving forward.

Let’s start off by talking about how I own two different dogs – one that is Queen of the throwdowns all summer long and refuses to walk…

And then this one in the winter who, the minute is off leash is, well…GONE.

I mentioned before that for 2015, I’m using this training journal.

I love it. It helps me keep tabs on the “other stuff” that’s crucial to training but isn’t written in training plans or really talked about with your running friends. It’s the stuff like, getting your runs in AND still getting your house chores done…or fitting in that strength training session and STILL making time for friends…or reminding you to check in with yourself – how are you feeling? Are you pushing too hard? Not enough? What are your strengths? Areas of need. And then, based on that…Where does my focus need to be this week.

At the beginning of each week it asks you to write down what this week’s focus is and then has another question – like these:

I so need this. For one, I need to make sure that I keep myself in reality. I don’t want running to take over my life. These questions ground me, remind me that I need to take care of other areas of my life and helps me streamline my training so I have time to LIVE (nurture my career, maintain relationships, explore the world outside of my running shoes, discover other skills, and get enough sleep).

These questions also help me because I can easily get caught up in routine (and not push myself), focus on the negative (and forget to congratulate myself on strong workouts and accomplishments), and go on autopilot, forgetting to change things up or challenge myself more.

This week’s question was: What holds you back most? 

This ties in with my post last week about finding my inner RAWR. What holds me back the most is definitely my fear of pushing and risking failure and therefore often choosing the safe route. One that rewards me with a predictable and guaranteed outcome, and rarely a blow-out…but it also almost always denies me a HUGE step forward.

Yup, I’ve hung off the CN tower and jumped from a plane, but pushing myself in a race beyond my comfort zone? That’s crazy talk!

This is definitely one a work in progress for me and it will take time…but even just acknowledging it and agreeing with myself to work on it is huge and this training journal has become an important tool to keep me headed in this new direction.

Yesterday’s workout (following Sunday’s blizzard run from hell) was 6 miles, easy pace (Zone 1 heart rate) followed by strength training: squats, deadlifts, clamshells, push-ups, TRX rows and lateral shoulder raises. My long run running partner, Andy, stopped by my office yesterday and gave me the finger (yes THAT finger) when he heard about my workout. He said he was having trouble just with stairs! LOL #RAWR

And let me leave you with more ridiculousness that is my dog – why walk on a path when you can gallop on your 4 inch long legs through the snow?

Happy Tuesday!

16 thoughts on “Staying on top of LIFE while running…and still moving forward.

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    The picture of you on the CN tower is making me sick to my stomach – I am afraid of heights!

    I am really liking my journal! I like the questions each week and having a place to actually record how I’m feeling rather than just X miles



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