Xtraining by cutting cake at the cottage and when running on ice is best.

Friday night, I get home, and I’m exhausted. But I have the most awesome and cuddly dog that I can curl up with while wearing some comfy clothes, right?

Yup. You see that right. For reasons I DO NOT understand, Abby decided to just randomly chew my fleece…took half the zipper off. She NEVER chews my clothes.

I seriously nearly lost my mind. I would have given her away. Ok, probably not, but we had a SERIOUS fight. And she was banished to the chair to sleep for the night.

Yeah, but let’s be honest, I woke up with her snuggled under the duvet. Because she does rule my house, doesn’t she. *sigh*

Saturday morning was field hockey

This is what my garmin shows I did. LOLI scored 3 goals and 2 of them were tip-ins which is something I was never very good at doing so it felt great to get them!!

No time for team breakfast this weekend because I needed to get my grocery shopping done before my dad picked me up and we went up to the cottage to shovel off the roof.

This is something we have to do a few times a winter because the slope of the roof is not steep enough. My dad has been doing this for 36 years and I have been doing it since I was big enough to help. We have quite the system.

We cut the roof like it’s a birthday cake and use scoop shovels to push the “pieces of cake” off the roof.

It’s a workout!!!Also got to do some snowshoeing since we can’t drive all the way in!

I apparently can’t be serious when my dad takes pics of me!

Sunday morning I woke up to a blizzard and frigid temps.

While walking Abby I ran into a neighbour who said, “Surely, you’re not running outside today?!”

This is where running partners are crucial. Had I not had Andy (and Nadine and Justine) yesterday, I likely would have chickened out and done a shorter run on the TM, but I had committed to the others, so bundle up and go survival mode was the plan!

We ran 12 miles, a third of which we were lucky to be able to run down on the canal where it was plowed unlike the paths up above that were just a thick with fresh snow. There was nowhere however, that we could escape the wind. I’ll tell you, there was little fun about this run other than the fact that we did it…and survived. LOL. I had a very long hot shower.

This is my training schedule this week:

And, also this week, I’m sure Abby will continue to reign…

Really? The arm of the couch is where you need to be??

Happy Monday!!

2 thoughts on “Xtraining by cutting cake at the cottage and when running on ice is best.

  1. Chris

    The roof snow removal looks like a good workout!

    The arm of the chair is closer to your face rather than on your lap (nice expression!).



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