Finding my inner RAWR.

Early morning wake-up call again yesterday…

But I managed to pull myself out of bed…Abby however, well, she actually had to be woken up.

Our walk was frigid but kinda beautiful, especially with the moon shining brightly.

On Monday I had a long chat with my friend…the “stupid gear” friend. Somehow it led to us discussing my lack of confidence on the road – my avoidance of pushing that little extra (the stupid gear) for fear of blowing up and doing worse than I would have, had I played it safe. I’m paraphrasing, but he basically said, “Stop being a typical Canadian, put on your tough, scary game face, stare your competition down…get your RAWR on” (I think HE technically has a ROAR, but thinks of me having a RAWR…you know, with that zing that only girls can have!)

This is his game face:

And this is currently mine:

I’m not that far off, right?? LOL!

He’s right. I need to work on it. And I started yesterday with my tempo run. My plan said 4 miles…but I did that last week with relative ease. Normal Jane (see above game face) would just follow what my plan said, not push things, just do what was safe. But I’m trying to go outside of my comfort zone. So, not knowing if I could actually do it, I decided to do 5 miles…7:13min/mile (4:29min/km) pace.

And you know what? I TOTALLY DID IT.

I got my RAWR on and ate those 5 miles for breakfast. WOOHOO!!!

The reason I had to get up at the cruel hour of 4:30 again yesterday was that my team is hosting a major conference here in Ottawa in 2016 and this morning I needed to go downtown and do site visits at 3 potential host hotels. These are hotels that are a) REALLY nice and b) can accommodate our meeting space needs.

This one is totally the front runner…the Chateau Laurier.

It’s iconic.

And it’s also where my high school grad was held – in 1997. I dug this relic up.

So I recreated the moment, on my own, almost 18 years later. LOL. Hilarious.

Because I basically live next door to my work, yesterday, going downtown in the morning, I had to contend with something I RARELY deal with…rush-hour traffic!!!

I nearly lost my mind. And seriously burst out laughing when this came on the radio…

Because that is exactly how I felt. LOL.

Ok, you know what time it is…

Happy Wednesday!!

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