I’m trying out for Disney, bullying sucks and my awesome workout outfit!

This week I have to cover for a colleague at work which means on Monday and Thursday I have to get to work over an hour earlier than normal. Ok, no big deal, I’m a morning person…but the problem arises with the fact that if I don’t run in the morning, I just KNOW (from the experience of many broken promises made to myself as I hit snooze in the morning) that I will not run after work in the evening. Normally Monday’s workout is a run + strength training and I really didn’t want to miss my run so, the obvious solution was an earlier wake-up call.

LOL. Isn’t that what you were all thinking? Ok, yeah, I’m a morning person, but there are limits. This was not enjoyable. And then, to make matters worse, this was what was going on outside.

The worst part of this was the blowing snow. And you know it’s bad when Abby refuses to go on her walk.

We got to the end of the block, she did her business and she literally high tailed it back home with me hanging on for dear life at the other end of her leash. She had the right idea as to what should really be going on at that moment…

Oh, how I was tempted to join her, but no, I put on my running shoes and headed down into the basement, turned on some Game of Thrones and pounded out 5 miles on the TM.

I don’t often talk about work on here, but my emotions run so high whenever I meet with this particular patient. He is by FAR one of my favorites. He is a young teen with some slight physical deformities…and I mean slight. But they’re enough to make him different…and being different, especially as a teenager, often means that you are bullied relentlessly at school.

He is lucky to have a good support system at home, the school is now trying to manage the situation and my team is working with him, but damage has been done and my heart aches when he describes how he feels about himself. This talented young teenager sometimes questions whether living is worth it. I just want to a) SERIOUSLY TUNE IN the other kids at the school and b) have this kid know that he is awesome and that I want to hang out with him because his is so cool. Ok, let’s be honest, I tell him that every time I see him and his eyes twinkle (sometimes, I’m sure, because he thinks I’m a total nutcase), but I wish I could wave a magic wand and have him believe me permanently.

I didn’t have time to do my strength training this morning so I did a modified version after dinner tonight. Have I told you I don’t like working out in the evenings? Have I also told you that the minute I get home from work I change into jogging pants? Yeah, so this was the result:

If you look closely you’ll notice that I have my slippers on! LOL!

I stuck with just upper body exercises (push-ups, TRX pull-ups, shoulder raises and core on the ball) to keep my legs fresh for Tempo Tuesday.

Ok, I meant to post this last week…cracked me right up. I posted my new curly hair look

photoon Facebook last week and one of my friends left this comment:

How hilarious is that??!!!

Ok, must get going…am getting THE LOOK

Happy Tuesday!!

7 thoughts on “I’m trying out for Disney, bullying sucks and my awesome workout outfit!

  1. Kristin

    Awww, I know that look well!! Such a precious look!! Great job on getting up and on getting your workouts done. It’s never easy. You’re amazing!! Love the Frozen compliment, too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jenkirk72

    I changed my wake-up time to 4:45. I know. Brutal. But, it takes me a few minutes to get going and getting up at 4:45 gives me time to make coffee and be ready to go by 5 (#oldpeopleproblems)

    And….I noticed your slippers first thing! LOL

    Bullying is a terrible thing and the bullies are the ones with self-esteem problems. It’s hard to get that message across to someone who has been torn down by a bully.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris

    What do you do for a living?

    I am a morning workout person too but my day begins at about 3-3:30 and I wake up before my alarm clock goes off most of the time. Yes I know that is weird.



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