Weekend fun with some pesky icicles!

This weekend was supposed to be fun with social plans for Saturday night (a birthday celebration for a friend) and hanging out with a girlfriend Sunday afternoon…plus all the other usual weekend obligations. But the birthday girl came down with a migraine, forcing a postponment for her celebration and my gf’s son came down with the flu today so she and I had to postpone our plans too! Oh well, it just meant it was a super relaxing weekend.

Who’s kidding who, every weekend (and day) is relaxing for this one!

For field hockey we decided to play young vs. old(er) which put me on the old(er) team…and I don’t know what was going on, but we lost count after I scored 8 goals.

My training plan always has a run on Saturday which I have just substituted field hockey for but, those runs are getting longer than what I run during hockey. So, this week, after running 2.5 miles in hockey, I ran 3.5 miles on the TM once I got home to meet the 6 miles my training plans had me scheduled to do.

Sunday morning I woke up to frigid temps

But an absolutely gorgeous day that Abby and I kicked off with a walk through the Enchanted Forest out behind my house.

And then a walk on the military property out back that, on a day like this, looks like the arctic tundra.

Then it was time for my long run. Andy wasn’t able to join me this week (family responsibilities at home) so I had to do it by myself. It was a little bit colder than last week and after walking Abby, I knew that THE MASK was going to have to make an appearance.

Normally I am someone who gets claustrophobic when something is covering my face (people who can sleep with the sheet/blanket over their face just boggle me! LOL) but on days this cold, it’s like my body goes into survival mode and can tolerate THE MASK.

Yes, it was cold. Yes, my eyelashes were icicles. But I was toasty warm the ENTIRE 10.5 miles! The sun was beautiful, people were out skating and there were tons of other crazies out running – most in their MASKS as well. It felt great to be out there!! I covered 10.5 miles.

Hard to remember those warm evenings this past summer sitting over there in that stadium laughing hysterically and cheering on my Red Blacks.

While warm, I can assure you that my vision was far from perfect during my run…here is why:

Yup. That’s ice. On my eyelashes. (and no, I don’t put on makeup for my runs – I was too lazy the night before to take my makeup off properly!!)

While watching the Superbowl last night (well, the first half…then it was bedtime!), my dad, brother and I were all on a group chat on BBM (my dad has a BBM so we go with what’s easiest for him!) and as the pre-game fluff was going on, my dad sends us this message:

Superbowl 49. I recall the first one well. We gathered in an apartment of a fellow grad student who had a big thing, a ‘Colour TV’. It was amazing

LOL – I then asked him if he remembers when dinosaurs roamed the earth. #smartass

Ok, ok, you’re probably freaking out, this is a Monday post and there has been no mention of bacon. Don’t worry. Even though we didn’t go out for breakfast after hockey, I baked up some crispy bacon at home!

And let’s be honest, I had WAY more bacon than what’s in the picture!!

Happy Monday!!

5 thoughts on “Weekend fun with some pesky icicles!

  1. jenkirk72

    I admire your ability to don THE MASK. I feel claustrophobic with only a hat on my head.
    Bobby and I were just joking last night about Sophie. HOW can they sleep SO much??? Being a Doxie must really be hard.
    And….that’s crispy bacon?? Looks like some chewy fat there in the middle. Charred. Now that’s crispy bacon! LOL

    Liked by 1 person


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