Frosting from Texas and X-training with 2 blades and a lot of ice!

Yup, this is what I came home to waiting on my doorstep on Friday evening.

My own jar of Kaluha infused frosting sent to me by my awesome friend Jen, all the way from Texas!!!

Note that I didn’t even bother to take my coat or hat off before diving into the frosting!!!

She is a cupcake specialist (in sampling and baking) but she knows that I’m not all that fond of the cake part and sent me a jar JUST of icing. She is the best, no?? And, no, there is none left! LOL

Remember before xmas my knee decided to dance with patellofemoral syndrome? Well, it came back. Friday night I couldn’t get out of the car or up from sitting on the ground without it feeling like I was being stabbed in my knee. Last time, what settled it, was A LOT of time spent on the foam roller and therapy ball loosening up my quads, glutes and ITB. So I spent a lot of time doing just that this past weekend…and Abby made sure she was not ignored during these sessions.

She really thinks she is the centre of my world. Ok, she probably is! LOL

Saturday morning was field hockey and it was probably our best Saturday this season – awesome players, lots of skill aaaaaaaaaand, I scored 3 of our team’s 5 goals and got 1 assist. Near the end of the game, one of my teammates, Jeff, just kept yelling, “Pass it to Jane, pass it to Jane”, regardless of where I was – LOL!

This is the only pic I took – no time to stop during the game! This is the dome we play inside during the winter.

After the game was the usual team breakfast aka BACON TIME.

Sunday was the long run with Andy and 9.5 miles was on the docket. While it was sunny outside, it was VERY windy…and nasty cold.

So that required some more layers than the last few weeks.

Looks like clothing for two people! A pair of tights then windbreaking pants on top, a base layer on my top with my winter running jacket…ski mitts with hand warmers, neck warmer and a hat I literally bought up in the arctic when I was there a few years ago. Was it cold? Hell yes. Where there times when I said, “Andy, my teeth hurt!” because you have to breathe through your mouth and your teeth feel like you’re biting into an ice cream cone? Yes. Were there times my top eyelashes froze to my bottom ones, sealing my eyes shut? Of course. But it was GORGEOUS out there.

What did really suck was what the cold did to my heart rate. It totally raised it. My Garmin yelled at me throughout the run (each time it went above 165 which is the top end of Zone 2 which is where my long runs are supposed to be). And while it was annoying to hear it (and to keep having to slow down) and I basically had to stop talking (which if you know me, is hard for me to do), I kept thinking that in past years, I would have just pressed on and this run would have been much harder on my system then the workout was supposed to be. In the end, this was what my HR did:

Compared to last week’s average of 154.

After the run, I showered and then headed back outside to have a skate on the canal – it was just too beautiful a day to not take advantage of the sunshine out on the smooth ice (cold weather makes for good ice!!).

I live very close to the canal, so I just put my skates on at one of these “stops” that have benches set up next to the steps from the pathway/road. But if you were driving to the canal, you’d be smartest to park close to one of the heated huts in which to put your skates on (and leave your boots behind to stay warm!).As a reminder, the Rideau Canal is made into a skateway during the winter, creating a large skating surface that it is 7.8km in length and is the World’s Largest Skating Rink. Here is a quick video I shot of my just cruising along…

I skated 5 miles and it was absolutely amazing.

Then I went home and lay down for the rest of the day!! LOL!

(And just tried to ignore Abby doing her table dancing!!)

Happy Monday!

17 thoughts on “Frosting from Texas and X-training with 2 blades and a lot of ice!

  1. Kristin

    Abby is so so soooo cute!! Wow, I wanna big kiss!! Such a sweetie! Great job on ALL your workouts!! Wow, you are absolutely fabulous!! Love how busy you stay! Very cool! Have a lovely week! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I know, right? Those faces rule the world…or at least our homes!! Lol

      Do you have some fries with your ketchup, too? Lol THIS is why when i finally make it out to see you, we are going to have a GREAT time.



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