Allowing your emotions to affect your workout, teammates who rock and really, TGIF!

How does one get out of bed on a winter Friday morning when this warm little ball of fur is cuddled against you?

This week has been busy with having commitments Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening. Wednesday night was my Field Hockey Exec board meeting. It’s very serious business.

Yes, he is giving me the finger. Like I said, it’s serious.

This is always my favorite part.

Last night was track. And I went into it in a bad mood. I’m not entirely sure what my problem was, just knew that I was edgy. Actually, have felt edgy for the last few days. Can hear that sharp edge in my voice. I hate it. And I let it affect my track workout. URGH.

This was the workout:


I actually thought it would be “easy”. They’re just 400s, right? I couldn’t have been more wrong. Every repeat was high intensity and there was very little rest. You can see my HR didn’t really recover all that much between repeats. And by the middle of the second set, my HR was in the low 190s each time. Gross.

I seriously thought I was going to die. My times were ok – all sub 1:30 which, really, if I take off my “I’m in a bad mood hat”, they are fabulous times for me – but I am wearing that hat so bear with me….it felt HORRIBLE. And I was not on cloud 9 after the workout. I was just trying to breathe and get feeling back into my arms and legs. But this happens, right? Mood affecting your workout. I just have to let it go, know I worked my hardest last night given the situation, and shake this attitude.

Each repeat should have been the same as the last or slightly faster. I was the number 2 runner again and by the third set I was HURTING and one of my teammates, Vanessa, who had been pacing off me, knew it and this is the conversation we had:

V: Jane, I’m going to stay right behind you and push you through the rest of the workout. Don’t worry, I won’t pass you.

J: OMG, Vanessa, I’m so not one of those runners who cares if you pass me, PLEASE, if I’m holding you back, PASS ME.

V: No way, you have carried me through this workout, you have done all the work, I won’t pass you.

J: Vanessa, please, I really won’t care at all, Please pass me if you need to.

V: No way. I’m going to stay behind you. I’ll push you.

J: Vanessa, please go in front of me, I’ll pace off you happily for this last set.

V: OMG. Can we be more Canadian??

Ba-hahahahaha! In the end, we rotated who was leading the other for the last set. SHE is the reason I managed the 1:25 on that last one.

Although this picture doesn’t show it, it was a shit show last night at the Dome and my mood did NOT help. I literally had a slight collision with a teenager walking aimlessly ACROSS the track. And you don’t know how many times we had to yell TRACK when people were just not paying attention. I’m torn because, I LOVE seeing people out being active and social, but MY GOD, please PAY ATTENTION!!!

But this, map of “where I ran last night”, which appeared on my phone after I connected it to my garmin, made me laugh.

After track I usually have a smoothie…and last night’s ingredients were in honor of Jen, the PB addict. PB + Bananas + Milk.

When I got home from work yesterday, this was on my doorstep

Eeeeeee!! The books I ordered

The Ken Follett one is the third in this trilogy and let me tell you, these are perhaps the BEST BOOKS I have ever read. The other one I am really looking forward to – it was recommended by a friend and it sounds good!

This morning’s workout was a fabulous 5 miles in Zone 1.

After last night’s track workout, my heart rate guided the treadmill to a pace between 8:40-9:11 and it felt lovely. No more beheadings on today’s GOT, but am seriously loving the series and I’m only on episode 2!!

Strength workout today was modified because I felt my legs needed a bit of a break on it.

Yeah, I didn’t mean to leave out my core work, I just literally forgot – that’s what happens when I don’t follow “the routine” each day! LOL

Set the TRX handles/stirrups a little higher for this today and it felt better.

I really like this exercise – upper back rows.

I leave you with these two videos of Abby…we’d been out for almost an hour walking and all she wanted when we got back inside was for me to chase her around the house.

She cracks me up.

Happy Friday!!



16 thoughts on “Allowing your emotions to affect your workout, teammates who rock and really, TGIF!

  1. Kyle Desormeaux

    Lots to talk about here.
    1. How have you not mentioned your door mat yet?
    2. I think you’re being to hard on yourself with this track/dome workout, you can bounce back.
    3. Remember the 5 D’s when it comes to the dome and avoiding others walking on the track: Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge.


  2. Kristin

    Hey!! Great post; although, I’m sorry about your track workout. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes the workouts I think will be the easiest, turn out to be the hardest. Definitely get it! You’re amazing! XOXO


  3. jenkirk72

    Oblivious track people….shaking my head. Happens every year DURING RACES at the track meet we host. Can they not wait until the track is clear OR until that particular heat is done?
    Also happens during cross country. Can you not see that there are students racing?? Where do you have to go? Are you in such a hurry to get to the other side that you are willing to make someone run around you? I agree….irritating.
    I’ve been in a funky mood for a while. Trying not to live there and to keep myself aware when negative thoughts and feelings creep in.
    Happy Friday! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    I remember saying last night at 6pm that it seemed like the 12-14 aged group and the distance group grew in size because it seemed like there was so many people! There is a big reason why I stand at the finish line – because the kids just stop right at the finish without looking and then stand there. Drives me bananas. You guys looked like you were running fast!

    I did a mini-speed workout last night before everyone got there. I have the track to myself at 5pm 😉


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      It really did seem like there were more people there last night!! Yes, it’s that stopping at the finish and then casually just turning into another lane that DRIVES ME NUTS. LOL.

      You had the track to yourself?? I can’t even imagine that luxury!! LOL


  5. earl_penney

    My eyes hurt just reading your pacing discussion…
    As for your workout, I want to be you when I grow up which let’s face it, is never…
    And nice smoothie Benedict Arnold! (Google it) Glurp! Glurp!


  6. irtfyblog

    I have had those “pissed off” moments when entering a workout before and they never turn out well. I’ve run some of my worst times because my heart and mind aren’t in sync. Looks like you rocked it though despite your pissy attitude. LOL 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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