Abby powers, mitt-free Monday, and words to drive me harder.

Ok, first of all, I JUST sat down to write this post and I’m already having to conjure up superpowers to defend against this face that melts my heart.

WOOHOO!! Look at what temp I woke up to yesterday!!

That, at this point in the winter, is so warm that I had to take my mitts off while walking Abby because my hands were, get this, TOO HOT!!

Bare hands carrying my coffee + “candy bar” that I have every morning during my walk. Yesterday morning was Coffee Crisp.

Monday’s workout was 4 easy miles (Zone 1 heart rate) + this strength work:

I have 20 minutes left in the final episode of Breaking Bad…and I have no idea how it’s going to end…I can’t wait for Tuesday’s workout when I will finish it! Oh, and gain fitness and become a stronger runner, blah, blah, blah LOL!

For the TRX ham curls I really focused on pushing through my heels to activate the hamstrings

For the Supermans, just trying to keep the motion slow and fluid.

Every Monday, I send my coach a review of how the previous week’s training went (distance, heart rate, any issues/concerns, successes, etc). He is a man of few words and unless he has an adjustment to make, he normally just acknowledges receipt of the review. But today, this was my response from him:

Those 7 words are HUGE from him. And it just makes me want to work harder – getting my workouts done well, eating enough food, getting enough sleep…

…and taking time to eat bacon. LOL.

You know when a friend sends you a text message that instantly makes you do this:

That they’re a good friend. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

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