Awesome winter run, bacon (obvi) and a new TRX core exercise!

All I knew (or let sink into my head) about the weather for the weekend was that it was going to be above freezing on Sunday…ABOVE FREEZING. So when I woke up Saturday morning, assuming it was going to be headed towards Sunday’s predicted temps, I was in total shock when I saw this:

But then while walking Abby, taking pics…

…and realizing that my hands weren’t cold outside of their mitts, I was reminded that yes…

There were a number of people from my hockey club away this weekend so we canceled hockey…which meant 5 miles on the TM…and second to last episode of Breaking Bad…OH MY GOD. Insane.

TM work was great and I followed up it up with “my” plank combo and then fooled around on the TRX trying to find a new core exercise to do and came up with this awesome one:

The idea is you hold yourself in a side plank and do pull-ins with the bottom knee. Took me a few tries just to stabilize myself in the side plank with that top foot in the stirrups of the TRX. But once I got that, it was a pretty sweet core workout with the pull-ins!

She may not be able to speak…

But I sure knew what that meant…

Whenever I lay my clothes out on the bed in the morning, invariably, when I come out of the shower, Abby is lying on top of them – because they smell of me. So while at Walmart this weekend doing some grocery shopping, I picked up another fleece blanket (you can never have too many of those – especially during a Canadian winter) with the hopes that Abby could use it on my bed, instead of my clothes to curl up with…

So far, so good…she chose it yesterday over my running jacket which TRUST ME, smells like me.

Saturday evening’s walk was cold…

But, after a 40 minute walk, Abby still didn’t want to come inside at the end…

I’m pleading with her to come inside! And she’s not even looking at me!! LOL

Sunday morning was my “long” run – again, still just 7 miles. Andy was dropped off at 9:45 and off we went…into GORGEOUS winter running weather.

It was 18F/-8C and very little wind. We had a GREAT run. Kept my heart rate with in Zone 2 very easily (Garmin alerts only went off when I was REALLY talking too much and on steep hills).

After the run I met up with some old teammates of mine for brunch (aka BACON TIME)

Yes, and a beer. πŸ™‚

These girls were on the team when I first joined in 2006. Two of them have since given up running because of family commitments or injury and the other has switched teams…this “other” one, Liz, is turning 50 next year and runs a 1:28 half…this is “slow” for her…when I was running with her, she was aiming for sub 2:50 marathons. Unreal.

L-R: Mel, Liz, me, Steph

I was hoping to go for a skate this afternoon but, by the time I had finished brunch, I knew I didn’t have enough time – I had food prep and laundry calling my name at home!

This is a Taco Soup recipe in the slow cooker…add a little sour cream and Tostitos chips and I’m in love!!!I am not a huge veggie fan, but I know that I need to eat them. So this is one way I get a good amount of veggies in me – pasta salad. Note for JenΒ and Carmen: there are NO broccoli stalks in this salad. Abby gets them!

Ok, need to go cuddle with this lump of cuteness!

Happy Monday!

14 thoughts on “Awesome winter run, bacon (obvi) and a new TRX core exercise!

  1. Just a Running Chick

    Loved this post! It was freezing raining yesterday, so I didn’t go out. I’m hoping to go out today, even though everything is covered in ice – the temperature is warm (above 32F). Congrats on your great run! And P.S. My dog LOVES to go on the front porch, and it doesn’t matter how cold it is – she wants to be out there! Dogs are funny! πŸ™‚


  2. carrythemessage

    I am in awe of your dedication and your times and buffness (is that a word? it is now) You are awesome. Thanks for sharing this – love the split times and of course, doggy will always steal the show!



      1. carrythemessage

        Great stuff, Jane!

        I am realizing more and more that this back pain is probably more hip and glutes pains. I am still sore as hell although i haven’t run in 9 days now. So not sure what is up. Gonna foam roll now and see how that works.

        Anyway, don’t wanna gripe on your blog…lol.

        Have a stupendous day!


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