Florida-Ottawa, looking like Taylor AND Bieber…and healing my hip from my foot!

I wore shorts to walk Abby yesterday morning.

Ok, I didn’t actually wear shorts, but COME ON, these temps are AH-MAAAAAAZING (compared to last week)…kind of like Florida, no? LOL. And no joke, Abby threw down twice on the walk like it was summer – but each time I whipped out my phone to take a pic she jumped back up (she is seriously on to me now). If you’re new to the blog and don’t know about Abby’s infamous throwdowns, here’s a quick peak…this is how Abby spends 75% of her walks during the warmer weather.

And I’m not kidding.

This is the training plan for this week:

While the temps were awesome Monday morning, I still did my run on the TM. The reason being that I need to keep my HR between 134-150 and with all the snow/slush on the ground, I know that I will be slowed to almost a walk to keep my HR that low…AND, it would require A LOT of brain power to reign the speed in…brain power that, at that time in the morning, is just not available. LOL

So, 4 easy miles on the TM kicked off my workout…and let’s just talk about the fact that I’m on episode 4 of Breaking Bad’s Final season…and I only have 3 more episodes after this one. I desperately need a replacement…aaaaaaaaand, as I said before, I’m retro…must be on DVD. I THINK that my co-workers brother has Game of Thrones…are there are GoT fans out there? Tell me it’s awesome, please!!

After watching Jesse turning on Mr. White, ah, I mean, after my 4 miles, it was STRENGTH time. Can I tell you that I’m totally loving it? This was what I had doing on today:

Not too different than last Thursday…mostly because my entire right leg has been quite tight since Friday and so I didn’t want to switch anything up too much, and I kept the single leg squats out for that reason too. More on that in a second…

I’m can do more and more of these…and it’s awesome.

I was able to lower myself even more on these rows…showing again that I’m getting stronger…and that is awesome! In a previous post (here) I showed a number of different clamshell variations and this one used to be quite painful challenging, but this morning it was like, “I could do this forever” – and that is awesome! (but ignore my creepy stare at the camera – LOL!)And then I did some planks on my tilt/wobble board.

Ok, back to this tight right leg (mostly ITB, quads, hammies, glutes). What is concerning about it is that I couldn’t figure out the source of it. Normally I know that it’s, for example, my quads that are tight and there is a chain reaction making everything else tight…so I focus on my quads and things clear up. But this time, everything was equally tight and nothing was making it better.

Then I remembered something the instructor in my foam rolling/therapy ball class said: Don’t forget to roll out the feet. Like the old children’s song: The ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone, the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone…and so on. Sometimes tightness elsewhere in the body can be a result of tightness in the foot.

So, I did something I haven’t done in a while.

I rolled out my feet. (video below)

The only reason I haven’t done it in a while is that I wear flats to work everyday and my feet have felt awesome. But let me tell you, when I started rolling my feet out last night, this is what my face probably looked like:

Ok, maybe the best part of this whole process is that when I googled “shocked face girls”, in addition to Taylor’s face coming up (NUMEROUS times), so did Justin’s:

Ba-hahahaha. That is so awesome. Thank you, USA, for keeping him. LOL.

Ok , anyway, the rolling of my feet? Yeah, it hurt. I had a MASSIVE hard spot in the middle of the bottom of my right foot…LIKE I HAD NEVER FELT BEFORE. And it shocked me because, like I said, my foot hadn’t been bothering me and neither had my lower leg. Anyway, since then I have been rolling my foot out regularly. And can I tell you something? MY RIGHT LEG FEELS SO MUCH BETTER. I’m not sure if it’s just coincidence, but I’m going to keep rolling my foot.

And where did this tightness come from? Well, I think it’s the track. Both running around in the same direction on a curve aaaaaaaaaand, wearing my racing flats which have little arch support and speed work means a different gait than the long distance I have previously worn them for. I think I’ll look into some small inserts for them…and keep rollin’ the feet!

Happy Tuesday!!

8 thoughts on “Florida-Ottawa, looking like Taylor AND Bieber…and healing my hip from my foot!

  1. Chris

    Game of Thrones is an awesome next series to get into!

    I can’t believe I just posted a comment on a blog post that had pictures of Taylor Swift & Justine (yeah I went there) Bieber.


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