Awesome weekend with bacon, run with new partner and food prep!

Hello!! Had a pretty darn good weekend – wanted to make sure I recharged and prepared myself for the week ahead and I think I did that. If I’m to make the most out of the training plan I have laid out for myself, I have to be ok with the fact that it’s going to mean giving up some social opportunities in exchange for sleep and, on the weekends especially, food prep.

Saturday morning was field hockey – awesome as usual.

The guy, in the pic below, going away from the ball with a disgusted look on his face is Perry.

And I can guarantee that what happened here is that Kyra, the one with the ball, just stole the ball off Perry and Perry is now yelling at himself (“Oh, Perry! Why did you do that?!”). It’s hilarious. Perry is an awesome player and so much fun to play with…but even better, he talks to himself during the game…cracks me up!!

I wore my garmin again and despite being under a dome, the GPS said it was functioning and reports that I ran 4km (2.6mi) and this is what my HR did

Saturdays, in a perfect world, would have me running easy…but Saturday mornings are field hockey, which I love…so this is what my training is on these days. Although my average HR is 154, it feels (and looks) more like a track workout! LOL

And, as usual, team breakfast followed the game…this week I opted for the BLT and homefries. The main thing is that my meal MUST have bacon!

It was delicious…although not sure why they had to flatten the bread so much! LOL And I really need to take a pic after the ketchup is on…but like I’ve said before…I’m STARVING and once the ketchup is on, I’m not sure I can stop myself from diving in!

Saturday was the first day in what seems like forever where you could take your hand out of your mitt and not risk losing it to frostbite! Aaaaaaaand, we saw the sun. Check out the sunset I got to enjoy on my evening walk with Abby!

Sunday morning was my long run (although this early on in the training plan, the long isn’t really that long!). Not only was it fabulous weather, but it was my first run with Andy – my co-worker’s (and best friend’s) husband. If I can’t run with my team, Andy is a great alternative…although really, almost anyone is a great alternative during the winter! Temperature yesterday was a lovely 16F/-9C with an occasional wind.

Maybe the most exciting part of the run for me and Andy was seeing that the canal had opened this weekend – WOOHOO! Can’t wait to get out there on my skates! You can see behind me, the people skating. Once the entire canal is open for skating, it becomes the world’s largest skating rink at 7.8km (4.9mi).

For my long runs, I’m to keep my HR between 150-165…think I did pretty darn good yesterday!

I set my garmin to alert me anytime I went over 165 and it really only happened when I was talking (too much) or if we went up a big hill. Otherwise, I was right on track – yay!!

Despite it being “warm”, I still got this when I got back home 😦

Stupid Reynaud’s. My hands were ok ON the run (ski mitts + hand warmers), but a chill sets in once I get inside…and unless I get in the shower ASAP, this happens. Just a reminder that humans should live in warmer climates. LOL.

I mentioned earlier the importance of food prep for me. I KNOW that I need to plan my meals and snacks ahead of time otherwise it just won’t happen – I won’t take in the amount of calories I need to fuel my training. This means that I spend a lot of my weekend involved in food prep –

  1. Creating a grocery list (I look a flyers and see what’s on sale and where),
  2. Meal planning (taking into account my week, if I have to work late or have a meeting in the evening),
  3. Grocery shopping (I do this after field hockey on Saturday mornings) and then,
  4. Food prep – preparing my snacks for the week ahead and, making a meal (e.g. crock pot meal) that will last me a few days either for dinners or lunches).

For breakfast, before I walk Abby, I have cereal (post workout, 2 hours later, I have  smoothie). I eat a mixture of a SUPER “healthy” cereal (aka it tastes like tree bark) with granola (aka it has a yummy taste)…and to cut down on time in the morning, I mix the cereals together ahead of time so all I have to do at 5am each day is take out that container and dump it in a bowl. Did I tell you that I’m type A?

One of my usual mid-morning snacks is crackers and cheese so, I make my bags of crackers and containers of cheese ahead of time – these are easy to then grab and put in my lunch bag each day.

To help make sure I get enough veggies in me, I have cut -up raw veggies either with my lunch or as an afternoon snack (and have some type of dip to go with them -e.g. hummus, etc). Having them cut-up and divided into these containers REALLY helps make sure they come to work with me!

As I sit here and type this post I have a furry little creature making me feel guilty…

…must go and do some cuddles with her!

Happy Monday!!

15 thoughts on “Awesome weekend with bacon, run with new partner and food prep!

  1. irtfyblog

    A couple comments from your post…
    1) BLT’s are the best sandwich ever!
    2) The field hockey sounds awesome.
    3) have you ever played broom ball? It’s very much like hockey, but it’s on ice, tennis shoes only (no skates) and you play with brooms wrapped in duct tape and a partially deflated soccer ball…it’s the most fun on ice you can have without playing hockey. – seriously difficult workout on the legs and back as well.
    4) I agree, humans were meant to live in warm weather climates.

    Happy monday to you as well!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. irtfyblog

        Good assumption. No, I’m not Canadian. Born and raised in the good ‘ol USA.

        When I was introduced to broomball, it was by a friend who made his own sticks, so imagine my surprise hearing that there are actual broomball sticks and an official ball! – 🙂 learn something new everyday!


  2. carrythemessage

    I am VERY impressed with the snacks and such you do ahead of time. I think that we all try to do meal planning and all, but very few succeed. Especially with young kids. I think I have tried to do what you do so well, but clearly didn’t succeed. I do have to shop ahead and plan to some extent, as I work nights and the family needs to eat (my wife doesn’t cook at all. Seriously) but outside of that it’s a bit of a free for all!

    You had quite the busy weekend and I hope your hand heals! Love the pics (esp of the sun) and of the canal, which we hope to skate on when we get there in a few weeks!

    That sandwich is making me hungy 🙂

    Have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Thanks, Paul!! You can only do what you can do – shopping and planning ahead to some extent sound pretty darn good to me!! I like your wife – she has you cooking and me controlling the weather here in Ottawa!!

      Oh yes, I hope the canal is open for you two!!!

      Liked by 1 person


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