First track workout of 2015, TRX ham curls and I can feel my hands again!

On Wednesday, the only thing we could talk about was the weather. All day long, it just kept getting colder and colder – it was hilarious. Because really, once it reaches a certain temp, the thermometer can read something lower, but it all feels the same: TOO DAMN COLD.

When I got home from work and was getting ready to go walk Abby this is what my weather app read:

Almost at the point where Celsius and Fahrenheit are the same!!

This was me:

And this is my ridiculous dog:

Desperate to get outside.

But part of the process required me putting her booties on. She has furry toes and often snow gets stuck in between her toes and it hurts her so I have to take my gloves off and pull the snowballs out…but in weather like this, I am NOT doing that. So, she has to wear her booties.

She hates them. She hides when she sees them come out and fights me when trying to put them on her. But once outside, she was all:

She is such a weirdo! WHO likes this temperature? Oh, right, Abby.

After our walk there was some of this going on:

Again, a weirdo. WHY must we stand on the table??!!

Thursday morning I woke up to hear the radio announcers excited that it had warmed up from a windchill of -40 (same in both C and F!) to -29F/-35C…haha – I loved that that was exciting! Woohoo! We were headed in a better direction than Wednesday!

Stupid cold, but still pretty.

Last night was the first track practice of the season and I’ll be honest, I was so nervous. Not nervous that it would be too hard, but that I would not do the workout well. I’ve said before that I’m one of the slower ones on the team and the magic of these team workouts is that you get pushed by the others around you…but you can sometimes allow yourself to be pushed too much. And that was my fear. That I’d start out too fast and see a decline in my repeat times…and then be frustrated that I had not done the workout well. Yup, being hard on myself, but it’s the truth.

I took this as I was leaving…when we were in the midst of our workout, so were a million other people. It was insanity. My team has lane 2 and other teams have ownership of the other lanes…one is risking their life stepping out of the lane.

The workout was 12 x 400m on 1 minute rest and we were going to do it at 10k pace. Now, let me tell you a little something. These practices are NEVER done at the pace he prescribes. They are ALWAYS faster. That being said, I was aiming for repeat times of 1:50-1:40 – starting closer to 1:50 and working my way down to 1:40. A teammate, Vanessa, said she would aim for that as well (she said she feared she was at risk for an “idiotic” workout too!). So, we all lined up on the track, coach said “go” and off we went. It felt great to be back there with the girls, running around that track. Finished the first 400m and our time was…1:35.

Oh crap. Plan has already gone to hell. Ok, let’s just see what happens…and off we went 11 more times…in the end, these were my times:

I’m still in shock. That last time I had times like that on the first workout of the year, was the last year I ran Boston (2008).

Those intervals are an average 6 minute mile. The thought of my doing a 10k at that pace makes me literally LOL, but coach said that it was ok because I still had some gas in the tank at the end of the workout, but that I had to be prepared to let that pace slow for the longer distance intervals. Ok, I can do that.

As I was doing one of the 400’s, I was at about the 200m mark and I heard a female voice say, “Go Jane!”. Well the only other female that I know who might have been at the track last night is someone I have never met in person – just through social media. And it turns out I was right…

Hilarious! I’ve asked her to wave me down during warm-up next week so we can actually meet!

Woke up this morning to the tropics. I was sweating on my walk with Abby!

Meanwhile, Abby just wanted to carry “sticks”.

She seriously has no clue what her actual body size is.

Warm and snowy!!! THIS is the winter I love.

This morning’s workout was an easy 4 miles and a strength workout.

For the run, I allowed my heart rate guide the speed as I knew my speed would need to be slower than usual due to the track workout being less than 12 hours earlier. Felt great. Kept my HR between 134-150.

Followed it up with these:

Can I tell you, I’m still giddy with excitement that I can do these in my basement

And then this was a cool change today – ham curls using the TRX

First week after the holidays is almost done – am sooooo looking forward to the weekend!!

Happy Friday!!


24 thoughts on “First track workout of 2015, TRX ham curls and I can feel my hands again!

  1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

    Haha welcome to the insanity of the dome! The worst place is the last corner. We have people doing starts – and sometimes the elite group (which includes an Olympian) are running 300s and when they are doing that they pretty much get the track to themselves for 10 seconds – there is no way you want to run into those guys! We are constantly yelling “watch the track” because so many kiddies just don’t bother to look.

    They were watching you guys run for a bit. Funny enough, we were doing some repeat 400s over the holidays and the first 400 they ran was 2:00 (no joke) – so we made them do it again because I told them that Reba and I (both 5K/10K runners) run our 400’s in 1:40. They smartened up 🙂

    Hope to see you next week!


    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      It’s the insanity of 6:30pm. I’m used to 5:30 workouts there!!
      We have had a few collisions of the years when people drift into our lane, or finish their 100m, and just turn into ours…drives me mental!! LOL

      Yes, hope to see you next week!!


      1. Rebecca@RunningFoodBaby

        Part of the reason I like running on Sunday evenings every once and awhile – totally empty – usually just a few of us on the track – I used to come on the track at 4pm with a few coaches to get our workouts in, but the dome doesn’t really like us doing that anymore 😦

        Liked by 1 person

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Thanks! I sucked at first too…and it’s still horribly painful…but it made me so much faster that I’m willing to put up with it!! Buuuuut, with the ol’ ITB, you gotta be careful with all that “turning in the same direction” bit!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. irtfyblog

    “once it reaches a certain temp, the thermometer can read something lower, but it all feels the same: TOO DAMN COLD.” – Agreed!

    Looks like your workout went well…love the pictures and video of your dog!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just a Running Chick

    Abby cracks me up. My dog Sheba loves to go outside (no matter what the temperature!) but she walks so slowly I have to take a book with me! She wants to go on the front porch to observe life in this ridiculously cold weather, so I have to put the timer on for about 10-15 minutes and keep an eye on her (if she’s “sleeping,” she’s coming in!). Dogs are so funny! And congrats on your wonderful times!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. carrythemessage

    Love the pics of the doxie – we have one too (short haired). Ours too has probs with salt getting in between his paws and then his limps (he’s a wimp when it comes to outdoors).

    As for the speed work – those times are sick!! I am still learning the speed stuff, and I am crazy enough to choose the workouts on my own in this freezing weather than do it with the team at a track like that one. Maybe it’s the introvert in me! But no doubt that others will speed things up. I have to accept that – I am usually the one thinking “hey – we’re going too fast!”. Nerd. But then again, run with fast people…

    That workout seemed amazing. I get quite sore from the intervals and take more time to recover, but I imagine I will eventually get used to that?

    Great post!



    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      I forgot that you had a doxie, too!!! Doxie people are the best!!! :)))

      Paul, get out on the track with the group! It’s good for the introvert in you because it will get you out in a social situation, but because it’s speedwork, it’s not like people are talking to you!! Lol
      I was SUPER nervous my first year out with this group (8 years ago) but after learning you feel more connected to your group after doing grueling repeats together, and knocking SO MUCH time off my half and marathon after a season or two of it…I now know that I am fortunate to be able to train with a group!!

      In terms of recovery, overtime yes, your body will get stronger AND you will know your limits more and adjust where needed!

      So get onto the warm track!! :))

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Kyle Desormeaux

    Solid track workout. You’re pretty strong right now and with the better footing in the dome, you can run fast! Plus I always get hot in the middle or end of my workouts in there, the heat helps too! Everyone has good dome stories, Ottawa needs another indoor track, and it doesn’t need to be 400m, what about a 200m track?


      1. Kyle Desormeaux

        Most indoor tracks around Canada/US are 200m, what if it was banked? It’s a lot of turns, but what about a west end track in Ottawa


  6. Kyle Desormeaux

    my issues are with soccer players/mom/parents with the track, not other runners. It would be sweet, it there was a place just to run and no soccer



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