Tempo Run, Deep Freeze & Snow beards

I went to bed quite late Monday night (Go Canada Go!!) so you can imagine how cheerful I was when my alarm went off Tuesday morning. I also knew by the feel in the house air, that it was damn cold outside. I nervously checked the weather app…UGH.

This is without the windchill. There were no pictures taken on the walk with Abby Tuesday morning, there was just a lot of yelling (in a hushed voice – it’s 5:30am afterall!), “Abby, you cannot stop to pick up and eat EVERY SINGLE chunk of ice!! We must be in constant motion or I will die!!” Yeah, there was a lot of that. And she ignored me the ENTIRE TIME.

Tuesday’s workout (which was OBVIOUSLY done on the TM): Tempo x 3 miles + core work. This translates into 3 miles at a pace of 7:15min/mile (4:30 min/km). No, this is not something that I was looking forward to in. In fact, I was kinda scared I wouldn’t be able to do it. I know I come close to this pace in some runs, but to hold it for 3 miles (and knowing that next week it was going to be 4 miles and so on) was daunting. I was anticipating a HR in the low 180s which would still be in the target range of Zone 3, but the high end…and this was only 3 miles! My friend Carson (@runningsouthern)Β re-tweeted this the other day and this is basicially what I was envisioning:

But you know what? It wasn’t like that at all. It was actually kinda awesome. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s wasn’t the most comfortable pace in the world, but I could totally do it. And my HR was never above 175. There’s hope! LOL

Finished things off with some core work that included planks and these – similar to the roll-outs on the stability ball, but on the TRX:

One day that TV will burn out and I will have to replace it with one from the 21st century. But we’re not there yet. Where we are is almost at the end of Breaking Bad!! I NEED to find another television series to watch…problem is that I don’t have Netflix so I need to find them on DVD…so retro, right? LOL.

When I got home from work last night I got a call from my friend Kyle who I have known for almost a decade. He said, “Hang on, I just need to get B on the phone too”. Next thing I know he and his wife are on speaker phone and I’m already vibrating with excitement because I’m pretty sure I know what they’re calling about!! Yup, B is pregnant…with twins!! Now, not only is this SUPER exciting and awesome, but it’s also quite funny because B is TINY. And this is her right now…

First of all, she is GORGEOUS, right? But um, she’s only at 14 weeks!!!!!! I think she is going to rival my SIL who sent me this pic at 8 months – to this day it cracks me up! She is also a VERY tiny person.

We’ll see if B lets me post any more pictures throughout her pregnancy!! My SIL is pregnant again and has promised to send me a current pic of her!!

We’re still in a deep freeze here. This was the temp as I left for work this morning:

And Abby is in heaven…even if it gives her a snow beard!

Today is a rest day – will post again on Friday and recap my first track session of the season!!

Happy Wednesday!!

21 thoughts on “Tempo Run, Deep Freeze & Snow beards

      1. irtfyblog

        hahaha. hibernation. it’s the only way I can think of.

        I just checked the temp out side in my little neck of the woods and it’s up to 1. but the windchill is minus 20… 😦


      2. irtfyblog

        hahahaha!! I know! we’re on the positive side so things are looking up!!

        I’m sure there’s a way to restructure the contract. If teachers can get three months off during the summer but still have an annual salary…you should be able to have three months of winter off and get paid! πŸ™‚


  1. carrythemessage

    Amazing pace on that 3 miles! That would be difficult for me to hold for even a mile, i think. Today I have 5 x 1.6km at 4:45 so I am edging into that territory (pinky toe first). And it will be in the cold here!! We aren’t as cold as you folks out east, but with wind chill they say it’s about -25 (I know, us Toronto wimps!)

    You are in Beast Mode for sure! I am amazed at how hard you work at this…all well deserved (except for waiting for the dog to do its business!)

    Stay warm!



    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      Thanks, Paul!!

      The speed work, for me at least, is always the most painful workout of the week…but TRUST ME, it is what gives you speed.
      Are you doing it with your running group? And you’re doing it outside??? Yeah, I am way too chicken for that. We have an indoor track that I will be running around in shorts and a tank!!

      You are totally on the right track (haha, excuse the pun!) to improving your pace!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just a Running Chick

    Haha! I was able to go out running – it’s above 0 degrees F here (-17C for you). The one thing I loved when I lived in Minnesota is that the air from Canada smelled so refreshing whenever it got really cold. I don’t know if you feel that way! What do you think?



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