A Canadian weekend and week #1 of THE plan

The way I spent Saturday was very much like a true Canadian. It was all about hockey…and it wasn’t planned that way either! It just happened…which isn’t hard here in the winter!

The morning was field hockey and we didn’t have any subs so I don’t have any pics because I played the whole time. I wore my garmin and it was interesting in terms of heart rate, but I need to do it a few more times to believe that I actually ran 6km.

After the game was breakfast which I had been looking forward to for days…

…well, specifically the bacon…and this was taken before I smothered the homefries in ketchup! LOL.

After breakfast I did groceries, showered and started watching the Ottawa Senators vs. Boston Bruins game (which, we ended up winning – Go Sens Go!!) but then half way through I had to leave to pick my dad up and head to a University hockey game. My dad is a strong supporter of the university he did his undergrad at and its hockey team (on which he played). A few years ago he started a scholarship/bursary to be given to one player each year and whenever the team is in Ottawa he gets invited to the game.

But Saturday was extra special as he was named honorary assistant coach for the game, was asked to give the pre-game speech to the team and was presented with a coach’s jacket. All for a man who is the most humble person I know. It was awesome.

Poor kid’s name is so long that the font has to be smaller on his sweater than everyone else’s!

As for this that I spotted during intermission…

She was at least 24…is there some trend for carrying stuffed unicorns that I don’t know about? And no, neither of the teams’ mascot is a unicorn!

By the time I got home at 6, my day had comprised of hockey, hockey and some more hockey! (Last night I watched the first part of the Canada vs. Slovakia semis…which we won 5-1…GOLD medal round for us vs. Russia is happening!!)

As I went to bed Saturday night we were in the midst of getting at 7 inches of snow and so you KNOW how excited I was! A) we were getting snow and B) my driveway was going to get plowed out in the morning by the company I have, so far, paid to do nothing.

And while all that happened, including the driveway…

I also woke up to FREEZING RAIN. *CRYING*!!!!!!

You can see the glare off the snow…it was a pure skating rink outside. Walking Abby was treacherous. And while I wanted to be a hero and do my “long run” outside, I knew it would just be heroically stupid.

Luckily at this point in my training plan, my long run was only 6 miles so doing it on the TM wasn’t complete torture…and season 5 of Breaking Bad is quite intense – was actually interesting to see what it does to my HR!! Focused on keeping my HR in Zone 2 after the first 15 minutes of warm-up. This meant a HR of between 150-164. It felt great.

Following the TM, did some core work, starting with roll-outs on the stability ball

And then alternating leg raises in plank position

And then pike pull-ins – I did it on my hands first…

But then found that on my elbows was a bit more challenging

Here is what’s on the docket this week:

Happy Monday!!


16 thoughts on “A Canadian weekend and week #1 of THE plan

  1. irtfyblog

    Awesome for your dad…sucks to have freezing rain…have you any ice grippers for your shoes? I live in a cold weather state in the US and these are a must have.
    Here’s a link to Amazon.com: (if it doesn’t work, just google search “ice grippers for shoes”




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