When life gives you tequila…and what is comfortable for me for 2015.

Yesterday morning I met up with another girl on my team – Carolyn. She is a sub 3:10 marathoner who I train with regularly (and just hang on for dear life while doing so) and she is also interested in this 1:59 book but, like me, isn’t sure how we can actually follow it. We met up yesterday morning to do its baseline test to determine your current Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF).

The MAF has you (optimally on a track) run 5 miles, at your maximum aerobic HR (calculated by 180-age), not any higher, and you record the 1 mile splits. The idea is to do this monthly and you can see your improvement as (theoretically) these splits get faster but your HR stays the same.

I’m going to post my splits below, but to put it into perspective since we are all different speeds, imagine your comfy pace, the pace you could run at for hours…and then add 2.5 minutes onto it and imagine yourself doing ALL YOUR WORKOUTS at this pace. It’s not how one would normally choose to run, right? Nor does it feel like you could possibly be gaining benefit from it.

The book says that the first time you do it, there should be a big difference between the first and final split and that, over time, with training, that difference lessons. I don’t know HOW there was such a big split because this was my average HR

The blip near the end, where it hit 157, is when I was laughing with Carolyn!

Meaning, you wouldn’t think that an avg HR of 143 should not make one slow down over 5 miles – except maybe out of boredom!! LOL

Ok, so I spent the rest of yesterday talking to people and thinking this through carefully. I absolutely need to change something in my training and I know it has to include some training where I’m running easy, not always pushing and ultimately stressing my body…but this? I just don’t think I could do every run at a HR of 144 that, for the first three months, will feel like I’m running 2.5 minutes slower than my comfy pace!! Ultimately, I don’t run just to be get faster. I run to have fun, be social and give myself a stress outlet. Training this new way would mean I would be on my own (because none of my teammates would be running at my slower than comfy pace), it would not be fun (slower than comfy is miserable) and what I did yesterday, which was a taste of what training would be like, would NOT be a stress relief…if anything, it might do the opposite!

So, I looked through old training plans/logs of mine and their corresponding race results and have come up with a new training plan that I think will work for me. It takes a lot of what I learned reading the book 1:59, but balances out training components that I believe in and that I know will make sure I still enjoy running. So here is an overview of my weekly plan for the winter:

Those “easy days” and the easiER long runs are the difference from what I have been doing. And I hope will be the key to my breaking through this plateau. I have also switched my long run to Sunday which means I won’t be able to run with my team on Saturday, but doing a long run after field hockey is just too much on my system. Luckily, my friend’s husband has been looking for someone to do his long runs with on Sunday so I have a partner – and he’s a little bit slower than me so we’ll be able to keep things sane!!

When Myla’s owners picked her up on Christmas Day, they were returning from Cuba and they brought me back a bottle of tequila (tekillya). So what do you do when life gives you tequila? You make margaritas, of course!

Even Abby is eyeing it!!

Ran with the girls this morning…wowzers, it was cold! Sunny but a windchill of -23C/-9F.

But temps like this mean that we could be getting closer to the canal being open to skating – woohoo!!!

Happy Tuesday!


10 thoughts on “When life gives you tequila…and what is comfortable for me for 2015.

  1. jenkirk72

    First, I am CRACKING UP at the inclusion of the pronunciation of tequila.
    Second, I COMPLETELY understand running slower than comfy. It is PAINFUL, literally, for me. I hope to incorporate some of this training, as well, as we have discussed, but I am less than enthused!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 26dot2withToddler

    Running with a 3:10 marathoner… gotta be tough but wish I had one to train with.

    Also, I think you have things prioritized correctly:
    “I don’t run just to be get faster. I run to have fun, be social and give myself a stress outlet.”

    Good luck with the new plan.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Chris

    Maffetone I definately not for everyone and if you don’t feel comfortable with it, it may not be for you. Have a blast with your new training plan and here’s to many great runs in 2015.



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