The 12 months of Abby

I might have procrastinated quite a bit, but I finally got the Abby Calendar done and sent off this past weekend…of course it won’t arrive in time for my mom’s birthday on the 27th, but it SHOULD be here before new years! I procrastinated from doing it because I normally try and put some more themed pics in for months with Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween…but I just wasn’t feeling creative…and so kept putting it off. Finally, I just decided to forego the themed months (other than December which didn’t require much brain power) and just select 12 good pics taken throughout the year. It’s hilarious to look back at the old calendars and see how this tiny innocent (looking) dog…

This wasn’t in a calendar but I came across it today and just burst out laughing – she’s SO tiny!!

Has turned into the giant, and still awesome (but much less innocent) one she is today! Here are the 12 pics that made it into my mom’s (Nana’s) 2015 Abby Calendar.

This one has the caption: I’m hunting snakes for you, Nana!”

I enjoyed a sleep in until 6:30 this morning – it was awesome!! I’m supposed to run with the girls tonight, but we’re in the midst of freezing rain that’s to last all day so I’m not sure that run will actually happen and if that’s the case, this will turn into a rest day for me!

Today is my last day of work until January 5th – WOOHOO!!!!! I’m REALLY looking forward to cleaning out some rooms in my house – my office (aka the DISASTER ZONE) and the basement (aka the extension of the disaster zone) – relax, see friends and get mentally prepared for the start of the weekly sessions on the (indoor!!) track which will start the week I’m back at work…I’m both terrified (because they’re so hard) and super excited (because they are soooo good for increasing speed!). PLUS, it’s a chance to hang out with my girls more!

Might not post for a few days sooo…

Happy Tuesday AND, have a very Merry Christmas!!



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