Abby as Miss December, the “pain face” and the blow-up dude I missed.

While Abby in the winter is A LOT of fun, the drawback is that every time she goes out into the backyard (which I swear, she acts like it’s an emergency to get outside every 10 minutes…it’s not), she comes back in COVERED in snowballs.

And while sometimes I’ll put her in the bath to melt them, I can’t do this EVERY single time…so last night I “made her” (ha – like I could MAKE her do anything) lie on a towel in front of the fire to melt…she didn’t seem to mind!

You probably don’t know this, but Abby is a Calendar Girl. Every Christmas season, I choose 12 of the best pics I took of Abby throughout the year and put them in a calendar and give it to my mom for the upcoming year. Some of them are themed and last night we did the “photo shoot” for December.

Yes, I bribed her with treats to make her wear that costume let alone sit there!!

Speaking of Abby running the show around here, I meant to post this yesterday.

No joke, I woke up Saturday morning to this. She is literally sleeping on my pillow like a human. And I am stuck on the other side of the bed NOT on MY pillow. (note in the background on the floor is a dog bed…yeah, it’s NEVER used)

Yesterday my good friend Earl (@earl_penney) posted a pic from his 5k race he did on Sunday (fyi, he busted out a 19:50 after being injured all fall…AH-MAZING).


He lamented about his form and “pain face”…perhaps worried he was the only one to look like this in race pics. I quickly reassured him that I am QUEEN of this. I look at my race pics and I wonder people don’t point and laugh as I run by! Here is a good pain face from San Antonio.

I hope I beat that guy in the red shirt…he still has his baggage tag attached to his bib!!

And then I saw this pic from my race…know how I’ve said don’t ask me about a race course because I don’t seem to pay attention?

I have ABSOLUTELY NO RECOLLECTION of running under this dude. LOL!!

Did strength training this morning – workout routine #2 (of the 2 I’m alternating doing):


I suspect I’ll be sore tomorrow from some of them!

No post tomorrow – work late tonight and have full day retreat at work tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!

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