My polar beast, chocolate heaven and stiff hips!

Each year, at about this time, I swear to myself that NEXT YEAR, I will do things differently. I won’t leave ALL my Christmas shopping to the point where the malls are crowded, impatience is palpable on the roads and I start thinking about going into hiding until the new year. But, despite having only about 5% of my shopping done going into the weekend, I’m happy to report that I now have 98% of it done and I think the remaining items (all for my mom – items she specifically requested) are there to punk me. I don’t think they really exist. I mean, I live in the arctic right now and she is asking for a beige, full-size umbrella with push-button open. Please, IF I can even find an umbrella right now, I can assure you it doesn’t meet all of her other requirements. And then there’s the 1/2 tablespoon measuring spoon. When the snooty French kitchen store in town doesn’t have them (and hasn’t heard of one), I’m abandoning my search. LOL. One thing seen along my shopping adventures is something I never want to see again.


No. Just no.

Saturday morning started off with field hockey. I’m still in race recovery mode but I figured we normally have about 2-3 subs, so I can take it easy.


*sigh* Not only did we not have any subs, but it was decided we’d play Senior vs. Junior players. On my team, at age 36, I’m considered a Senior player. With the Senior team being all males except me and the Juniors being all female save for one, there was some concern at the start that this wouldn’t work, that the male dominated team would, well, dominate…turned out that the Seniors could not, for the life of us, score a goal. I mean, if goal posts counted as goals, we’d have won (with me being the leading scorer) but sadly, the ball must travel BETWEEN the goal posts to count. And the Juniors whooped our butts…and were not terribly graceful about it. LOL.

So we drowned our sorrows in bacon fat and homefries in our post-game breakfast.

BreakfastSaturday was BEAUTIFUL. Just below freezing and SUNNY!! Late afternoon I took Abby out for a walk in the trails behind my house. We were out for 90 minutes and came in, just as the sun was setting…it could not have been more beautiful.

Abby trail2 Abby trail1 Abby trail3 Abby trail4

She is the happiest dog in the world in the winter – if you met her now, you wouldn’t believe me for a second that she is the Queen of Throwdowns.

Oh, and did you know that she is OBSESSED with eating snow? So why not kill two birds with one stone and pull some snowballs off your fur AND get a refreshing snack!

But she is still NOT a fan of me taking pics of her…check out that stink eye!

Abby eyes


Part of my xmas shopping yesterday had me going to a store that is far closer to my house than is safe.


It’s like an outlet – always with ridiculous sales AND this…

Chocolate bins

I mean, COME ON? That just screams SAMPLE ME!!

ChocolateWhich I did…left to right…Irish cream, White peppermint, Cappuccino, Sea Salt, Coffee. It took me, oh, about 2 minutes to eat them all. I kid you not.

On my way home from the chocolate store I saw this…cracks me up. Can we be anymore Canadian??

PoutineIt is VERY mild here today…so there is a lot of melting…and sometimes it can be dangerous…saw this on my walk this morning with Abby.

Snow fall Snow fallingI think a combination of racing, hockey and a new strength training routine has left my hips incredibly tight. I did yoga this morning in an attempt to get things moving a little more.


There were some moves that, ordinarily are relatively easy for me but, this morning when I went to do them, I just started laughing because there was just so little range of motion.

Fav pose

This is still my favorite pose…could fall asleep in the Smiling Cow Face pose…

I’m back at work this morning and I’m fairly certain that after all that galloping in the snow this weekend, Abby will be doing this for most of the day…

Abby tired

Happy Monday (and congrats to Texas Jen on her marathon finish yesterday!!)!!



6 thoughts on “My polar beast, chocolate heaven and stiff hips!

  1. jenkirk72

    I’m quite sure that I could do NO yoga poses today! And, although my muscles aren’t sore, my hips and ITB are tight, tight, tight!
    I’ll live vicariously through you with the yoga thing…for now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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