My favorite button, donuts and their holes, and making yourself proud!

I had EVERY intention of getting up this morning and doing yoga but guess how many times I pressed the snooze button! EIGHT TIMES. And I think I was conscious for only 1 of them!

It happens, right? Especially when you go to bed too late. A colleague from Winnipeg was in town so a few of us from work went and met him for dinner and while it wasn’t going to be a quick dinner because we tend to chat a lot, I’ll tell you, the service was sooooooo slow. To the point where I asked whether we were being punk’d. LOL. But, like I said, the company I was with was great and we were so engaged in conversation (and eating) that I didn’t really take any pics!! So not like me. I did manage to snap a pic of our dessert…well, after we had already gotten into it.

DonutsWho doesn’t want a plank o’ donuts (with their holes)!?

But i didn’t get home until 10:30…waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime. So, this morning only had time for my walk with Abby. We got a little bit more snow overnight and I AM LOVING IT.


And she is SO much easier to walk when there is snow…as in, she actually walks.

And a riot to play with!!

Wait until the snow’s deeper and she still likes to “bound” through it! Hilarious.

As I was reading before I went to sleep last night, I had this long snout resting on my shoulder. She just wanted to cuddle.

CuddleIf we’re connected on Twitter, you know that I like to joke around about being a ninja (stems from the fact that I generally wear mostly black clothing when running!) and so when my friend Russ (@Vols84) decided to run a marathon ON HIS OWN, I got to put a little ninja magic into it for him! Russ had trained with a group of runners for a marathon but was unable to travel to the race destination and was feeling unsatisfied (rightly so!).  Encouraged by friends, he decided to make up his own 26.2 mile route and run his own race! WHAT?! When he asked if I could help design a race shirt for him, I said yes and quickly thought…only a ninja would run a 26.2 mile race by himself! On Saturday, November 15th, Russ ran the unofficial offical Ninja Marathon!



It’s awesome to see people do things that make them proud of themselves – as they should be. This weekend, Texas Jen, will be running her very first marathon. I know she’s nervous, but her pride once she crosses that line will be BIG…I mean, come on, she’s from Texas, everything they do there is BIG.

Yes, that is Texas Jen with a cow-hide covered flask.

Happy Friday and KICK BUTT TEXAS JEN!!




8 thoughts on “My favorite button, donuts and their holes, and making yourself proud!

  1. 50statecanuck Post author

    LOL – yes, we were at Sidedoor! Great food…just a terrible waiter last night!

    Yay – hope you can do something fun other than xmas shopping…that’s what my free time will be spent doing!



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