Abby, a fight to plow my driveway and my 2015 model.

While I had an absolutely amazing trip to Texas, I REALLY missed Abby.

I pulled back the duvet this morning and this is what I found!

I pulled back the duvet this morning and this is what I found!

For this trip, my parents agreed to take Abby for half of the time meaning that she was in the kennel from Weds-Sat morning and with them until Tuesday morning. My mom gave me strict instructions to come over Tuesday morning so that she didn’t have to walk her (she REALLY can’t handle the Abby’s infamous throwdowns!). Back in July I posted a video of Abby’s reaction when I picked her up at the Kennel after being gone for just 24 hours (see here and scroll down near the bottom – it’s hilarious!). So, after being gone for almost an entire week, I was prepared for Abby to LOSE. HER. MIND. And quite honestly, I expected her to pee with excitement so I didn’t even video it because I thought I was going to be rushing to get her outside (her peeing in MY MOTHER’S HOUSE would probably result in an Abby ban!). I walked into my parents’ house just as my mom was preparing Abby’s breakfast and I am not kidding, she was excited to see me for oh, about, 0.5 seconds and then it was all about what my mom was preparing. I tried to hug her, nope, she dodged away from me, I tried to sit next to her on the floor, nope, slid away, all the while staying 150% focused on what my mother was doing. My mom thought it was HILARIOUS. Me? Not so much. LOL. *Sigh*

And how has she been since she got home? Well, she ate a dead animal in the backyard and then threw it up in the house (it was like an anatomy lab with a rodent…and I almost became a vegetarian…and have spared you the worst of the details) and last night I came home to her having destroyed my awesome luggage tag. UGH.

Luggage tag


All the while looking at me like, “What? You left me for a week, what did you expect?”
Abby tiltAs I mentioned before, I’m on the board of directors for our community association and last night was our monthly meeting.

BODIt’s hard to see, but there is a pile of treat food in the middle of the table. The problem was that I had JUST crammed my dinner down my throat to get to the meeting on time, so I REALLY wasn’t hungry but I was getting the stink eye (in a fun way) from the woman who brought all the food and she basically forced this cupcake on me.


Now, Texas Jen may drop me as a friend after today, but I’m just not that into cupcakes. The problem lies with the fact that I do NOT like cake. The icing, however? That’s a WHOLE different delicious story. So, if I feel comfortable enough with a group of people, I can do this…

Cake…eat the icing and leave the gross cake part! LOL!!

Last night we got a solid dumb of snow which had me all excited because, finally, the snow fall would exceed 5cm and I was going to bathe in the luxury of having a company plow out my driveway for me. I couldn’t wait!! But, it was totally ruined it for me when I looked out my window this morning.


I was horrified to see that, in the middle of the night, my neighbour had cleared my driveway!! Haha – yes, any other year and I would be at his house with freshly baked cookies, BUT I HAVE PAID SOMEONE TO DO IT THIS YEAR.  LOL. Yes, I know, I really do have the best neighbours…one whom has since been informed to not be helpful and clear my driveway!

Ok, so the exciting news is the update on my knee. A week before Texas I was diagnosed with PFS and while it wasn’t yet affecting my running (in terms of pain), I couldn’t bend past 90 degrees without feeling knife stabbing pain behind my knee cap and I knew it was only a matter of time before it was going to hurt while I ran. I took a few days rest, did LOTS of foam rolling, ran a half marathon (that’s part of rehab, no?) and VOILA, I can squat pain free! Ok, ok, I’m not thinking that I’m totally cured, but it does make me feel better! I’m going to have the doc examine my knee again tomorrow and see how my patella is tracking, I still plan to take the next couple of weeks very easy in terms of running and to really focus on strength training. I’m going to play hockey Saturday morning and will likely run a few times next week, but it will all be at an easy intensity. This morning however, I started my 2015 strength training (it’s like new car models, they get released early, right?). I did it less for the strength benefits today and more just to try the new workout out and see how my body reacted.

I have two workouts that I’m going to follow – today was “Workout #1” (fancy title, right?!)



Some that were new for me were the:

Single Leg Hip Flexion

Hip flexion

And the Tibia Dorsi Flexion (which was boring…meaning EASY…need to find a way to get more resistance)

dorsiAnd then the Step Downs…which, after looking at the pictures, I have work to do…want to be closer to 90 degrees with that knee and I totally thought I was! In my defense, although that bench looks stable, it’s not. It wobbles back and forth slightly – note how I’m leaning over slightly in the pic on the right.

step downs

Oooooh, I can’t believe I forgot to post this yesterday…the race shirt from Sunday! You know I love black…but I do LOVE this shirt.

race shirt

Happy Thursday!!





7 thoughts on “Abby, a fight to plow my driveway and my 2015 model.

  1. jenkirk72

    Ok. So much about this had me in stitches!! Izze is prone to pee when Taylor comes home. Lol!
    And I MIGHT have disowned you over the lack of love and respect shown the cupcake if I hadn’t met you already and learned how awesome you are! I’ll just have to overlook this character flaw. LOL!!


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