Winter (almost), Abby the reindeer and off to meet a cowboy!

You know when you’ve been non-stop busy for a while and suddenly you feel so exhausted that you think you might actually come down with something? That was me yesterday at about 2:30pm. And I was supposed to run last night with my team and I had a whole bunch of food prep for Abby who is staying at a mix of the kennel and my parents while I’m away in San Antonio so I was worried I would be up late when what I needed was sleep. Since I didn’t think Abby would be ok if I skipped her food prep, I told my teammates I wouldn’t be joining them for the workout. I went straight home after work, walked Abby in the 0F (-23C) windchill, ate dinner, did food prep, some foam rolling and was in bed by 9pm.


This is just the veggies for her stay at the kennel- she has just as many for when my parents have her for the last 3 days of my trip. LOL. She is so spoiled. And it’s totally my fault.

This morning, after 8 hours of solid sleep, I woke up to a winter wonderland!!


Ok, maybe just a slight winter wonderland. It’s less than 5cm. And why do I really care about it being less than 5cm? Well, this year, for the first time, I’ve indulged myself by hiring a snow removal company to clear my driveway. AND I AM SO EXCITED. LOL. But, they only clear if more than 5cm falls…so I was still stuck shoveling my drive this morning! Haha!

But regardless of the exact amount, snow is awesome because it means Abby walks like a normal dog!! (i,e. she walks in front of me and faster than a snail!!)

If you can’t see the video, here’s a pic of her, head down, moving forward at top walking speed!!

Abby snow walking


She loves sticks. Loves to carry them, loves to throw them around, loves to eat them. But she seems to always need to pick awkward shaped sticks or ones that are far too big for her.

Abby branch


And we had a full out argument about her insisting on carrying this one. Which she couldn’t actually carry (kept getting caught on the ground) so she kept having to stop and readjust. (doesn’t she look like a reindeer with fake antlers??)

Abby big branchI finally got her to accept this one instead.

Abby small branch

But it wasn’t long before she found another one to drive me nuts with.

Another big branch


Dropped Abby off at the kennel this morning. I HATE leaving her there. It’s a great kennel and they love her and take good care of her…but she puts on SUCH the diva act when I’m leaving…it breaks my heart. So I made sure that her ride was comfy on the way there…

seat heaters

Yup. She had her seat heater on!! And doesn’t she look like she’s enjoying it?

AbbyOn my way back from the Kennel I stopped off to get gas…BECAUSE IT’S SO CHEAP RIGHT NOW.

Cheap gas

That’s about $4.06/gallon and it’s been averaging around $1.28/litre (5.52/gallon). So exciting. LOL. Not sure what that means about my life…

Tonight I will be packing…and tomorrow I fly to San Antonio, Texas!!!! I have been dying to go to Texas for a long time – I’m not really sure why…I just know they’ll have accents, they’ll have food I love, it’s a different culture to experience…and it’s gonna be awesome!! I’ll be there until Monday with a half marathon on Sunday morning! Likely won’t post until I’m back soooo…have a wonderful rest of your week!!

Happy Wednesday!!



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