“You know, the Jesus bird…” and Abby’s “help” in the morning.

Last night we had our annual holiday team dinner – this year held at the restaurant Moxie’s. It’s always fun to be able to get together with this great group of women but I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s hard to recognize everyone not in their running gear all sweaty!



Nadine finds the flash of cameras VERY shocking – LOL


We have one of THE most dedicated running coaches – Ken Parker. I’m not sure there is one minute of the day that goes by and he’s not thinking about us. So this dinner always give us a chance, as a group, to say thank you.

Lisa, the one who organized the dinner this year, gave a beautiful speech to Ken, letting him know how much we depend on him and appreciate all his hard work.

Lisa Speach

Here is Ken opening his gifts we got him – this year was a collection of tasty beers and a running book. The flowers Lisa is holding are for Ken’s wife – to thank her for allowing him to spend so much of his life with us!
KenThis year we had an additional presentation. As some of you know, we’ve had a Norwegian girl, Gro (pronounced “Groo”) running with us for the last few months while she was completing a semester of university here, but on Wednesday she is returning home to Norway. And she will be SOOOO missed. Talk about one of the warmest people you could meet. And she fit right into our group the minute we met her – not that we’re a tough group to get along with! So we presented her with some Canadian parting gifts including Maple Syrup (from the back of a truck in the marker, of course!)…

Gro syrup

And Canadian hat and mitts!Gro hatGro’s English is pretty good but sometimes she makes mistakes…and sometimes they are PRICELESS mistakes. Last night she was telling me and Lisa how on her run that day she had been taking some pictures of Jesus. Um, what? She said, “You know, Jesus…the big birds?”. Um, WHAT? Finally Lisa said, “Do you mean geese?” YES said Gro! We all just about fell of our chairs laughing!! We will miss her SO much. And geese will now be referred to as Jesus on the team.

This morning’s walk? Yeah, it was the type where my eyelashes were freezing together.

Ottawa Temps F Ottawa Temps CI’m sure other people’s dogs do this, and it cracks me up. I usually like to lay my clothes out before I get in the shower so I can quickly get dressed once I’m out…and I guess Abby thinks she is helping me out by warming them up for me! Doesn’t matter where in the house she was when I lay them out, when I get out of the shower, she is on them.

AbbyTonight, as long as I can get out of work on time, will be a very chilly run with the girls…I’ll probably double up on the hand warmers in my mitts!! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!





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