Abby 0 Robot 3 and dealing with injury.

I had another really busy and productive weekend, but it did not include a long run – in fact, it didn’t include a run at all (other than what I did at field hockey). The reason for that is that on Friday I was diagnosed with patellafemoral syndrome (PFS) in my right knee.

Last week, one night, while I was getting down onto the floor to use my foam roller, it suddenly felt like someone had jammed a knife into my knee, just below the knee cap. I’m pretty sure I squeaked (loudly) when I happened. And I knew right away what it was. I’ve never had PFS before, but it is one of the most common injuries in runners. On Friday I had a sports med doc who works down the hall from me examine it and he said that it was undoubtedly PFS (one of the diagnostic tests he did had me holler in pain!!). We discussed the strengthening exercises I needed to do and he strongly recommended that I go to physio for some ultrasound. He said he thought my PFS was quite advanced (and not in that gifted program type of way!) and that he hoped I wouldn’t need cortisone shots. I have decided to completely ignore that last sentence for the time being.

Keep calm

This is so NOT me, but I thought it was funny when I saw it.


Am I devastated about this? Nope. I’m not even really mentally bothered by it (physically I am when I bend my knee and get that knife stabbing pain! LOL). I had been planning to revamp my training after my race this Sunday and this only gives me the final push to make sure it happens. I want to really focus on strength training and with this injury it will force me to take some time off running and build more leg and core strength. By doing that I know I will come back as a stronger and faster runner.

In terms of pain right now, it comes and goes. For the most part, it does not bother me while walking or running – especially if I’m diligent about stretching and rolling right after a run. I have two more runs to go – tomorrow night and then the race on Sunday. Both will be taken easy and with the goal of having fun. It’s all good. 🙂

I decided to still play hockey on Saturday- it’s easier to stop mid-game and go home than mid-run.


Great game! I scored once and got 2 assists…one of which was scored by the other team on his own net. Sucker. LOL!Play

And then we went for our usual post-game re-fueling. Those homefries are deadly good.

BrunchThen I went grocery shopping…and nearly lost my mind. Each cash had a line up of at least 15 people. I was not the only one losing my patience…at one point I actually thought people were going to start shouting for the manager because politely asking the people at the cash to do so was not working.


In the afternoon I went and did some xmas shopping…and bought myself a new pair of black boots! LOL. Merry (early) Christmas to me?

New boots

And I re-stocked my maple syrup supply at home – the BEST syrup is bought from the back of a truck in the market.


Once I got home, it was time to test out my iRobot. It had charged overnight and I was excited to see what it was going to do…and what Abby was going to do.

She does NOT like the robot.

For those of you who can’t view the video (or just want more laughs at Abby) here are some some pics.

Robot and Abby

She is full out barking at it (like it cares)

Robot chases Abby

Abby frantically backing out of its way

Abby attacks

Getting brave and lunging at it

So it’s clear what Abby thinks of the robot, what do I think? My overall thought was that if I had any fear robots were close to taking over the world, that fear is now gone. This thing is far super intelligent. It’s method of cleaning a room is the most INefficient one I could imagine and watching it get stuck, for 30 seconds, under a dinning room chair, is both entertaining and mind boggling, BUT it cleans my whole first floor while I walk Abby in the morning. So it can be as inefficient as it wants as long as it gets the job done (and I don’t have to watch it).

Did some more closet cleaning yesterday…have absolutely NO idea why I have these. Like, NO recollection of when I might have worn these.

WhyI was very thankful for my disco leash while walking Abby this morning…it seemed EXTRA dark outside!


But, the sun found its way by the time I was running – easy 7 miles along the canal.

Sunrise locksHappy Monday!!





10 thoughts on “Abby 0 Robot 3 and dealing with injury.

  1. jenkirk72

    I’m not sure WHY I had to read about your PFS in your blog?! Lol. I have never had it badly, but a mild case. The test for it IS very painful!!! I have used KT Tape to help keep it in place on the run 🙂


  2. Just a Running Chick

    Good luck with your knees. I think that’s what I had when I had to stop running (I couldn’t do stairs either – no joke, and I was around 30 yrs old). Waaay back then (LOL), it was thought that people just had bad knees. I think now the theory is that one needs to strengthen one’s hips so that the knees are in better shape. Wouldn’t hurt to ask the therapist! Good luck!

    Liked by 1 person


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