My Black Friday loot and Abby’s sympathy pains

Let me tell you how productive I have already been today! I have Black Friday shopped AND I’m at work on time. Most stores are advertising “MEGA Black Friday Sales” and while there are some good deals, for the most part, they’re just regular sales. However, one of the flyers I happened to glance through had a luxury item that I have wanted for a long time but couldn’t justify the price…and it was $100 off today. Still a lot of money, but I thought, I WANT it. I (sorta) NEED it. So I bought it.

Black Friday lootOne guess as to what I’ll be doing tonight. Yup, figuring out how NOT to get Abby to attack this thing. But seriously, my dream is to have it doing its thing (picking up the always appearing balls of Abby hair) while I lounge on the couch. Come on, that’s the life, no?

Last night was our evening run with girls from the team – temperature was much more civilized…around 20F. We ran 7.5 miles at an easy pace. It was lovely.

Night Run


The light reflection you can see on my face is from my fun flashy arm bands! LOL

I had to do some editing with the pic because frankly, it’s too dark and cold for my camera to take pictures you can actually see anything in! The girl in white, is in her 40’s and she just ran a 3:08 marathon. Ridiculous. LOL.

Abby was doing the post-turkey dinner flop out on the couch last night in solidarity of her American friends…

Turkey'd out


Happy Friday!



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