No turkey for me, the lights of Rome and Abby fighting literacy!


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! For the rest of us Canadians, we’ll just live through our memories of our Turkey dinner from last month!

Speaking of memories, this time last year I was on a really exciting trip…to Italy! An ex of mine, who I have remained friends with, took a teaching job in a town outside of Rome last year and when he suggested I come visit I pretty much hopped on the first flight!


In Rome – the Vatican is behind us…blocked by our heads! LOL

This was the view from his place…I was in love.


This was the most exciting part of my trip because I am OBSESSED with the movie Gladiator (the amount of times I have watched it is just embarrassing)…but to be in the actual Coliseum?? AH-MAAAA-ZING!!


And then this? This was just unreal. All the streets in Rome have lights strung down them like this. And the streets are PACKED with people – and no, the streets haven’t been shut down to cars, they are just at the mercy of the pedestrians.

Xmas LightsI was there for 10 days and had the most amazing trip – and am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go and see such majestic sites!

Of course, returning home from my European adventure meant reuniting with my favorite Diva Furball. I know she hates my phone (or rather, the time I spend on it) but last night, she was not happy with my reading an actual book! She kept using her snout to try and push the book out of my hands so that I could pat her.

Abby book

Finally she gave up and, despite having the entire bed to move around, she chose to climb over me right where my book was.Abby book2No run this morning because I’ll be running with my team tonight!

Happy Turkey Day!!



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