Train robbery eases my workout pain and Abby cuddles.

Yesterday I was leading our family group at work in the evening so I worked the morning and took the afternoon off before returning to work for my evening shift. Often when I have those shifts I’ll get some chores or errands done but yesterday, all I wanted to do was lie on the couch, watch some TV, read and cuddle with Abby.


Abby really thinks these types of afternoons are called “Abby Afternoons” and that my entire time should be spent patting her…do you think she makes herself clear enough?

And if I started looking at my phone too much, I got the Abby stink-eye.

AbbyAs I mentioned, I led family group last night at work. For last night’s group, I spent the first hour with the parents of the 6 teens that are in our group (we run small sized groups so that the teens feel comfortable – many suffer from social anxiety) and I took them through my Mind & Body class.

MB class

This is a class that I created over 10 years ago and I just LOVE it whenever I get a chance to teach it. It includes flexibility, strength and core work and I always feel so loose, relaxed and strong afterwards. I like to be able to have the room’s lights somewhat dim but all I have in this room are horrible fluorescent lights in the ceiling…but yesterday, I got the brilliant idea of buying small lamps ($9.99 at Target!) and having them shine up the wall with the rest of the room’s lights off! It was awesome!!

The second hour I was with 6 wild teenagers – 2 girls and 4 boys. They seriously crack me up. I wish I could show you pictures or, better yet, video of the shenanigans that go on, but you’ll just have to trust me. WILD. TEENAGERS.

This morning winter feels closer so I got THE outfit back on

THE outfit

I wish I had actual commentary from Abby. I imagine the caption to this would be: “Seriously? We have to take a picture of this? Again? Let’s just get this walk over with so I can go back to bed.”

I really didn’t feel like running this morning. I’m trying to recover from Vegas, maintain my fitness and taper for San Antonio (Dec 7)…all at the same time (I realize that’s not really possible). So I did 5k on the treadmill followed by 4 x 3 minutes at 9 miles/hr on the TM on 90 second rest. Didn’t kill me but worked up a good sweat. Then I finished it off with some core work – pull-ins with the TRX.


All this while watching/listening to Breaking Bad. This episode today was INTENSE. It was when (’cause I’m assuming you have already seen this show like the rest of the world) they stole the methylamine from the train and shot that boy on the dirtbike!!! Maybe that’s why the speed work didn’t kill me – I was in too much shock from the TV to notice what my legs were doing!

Happy Wednesday!

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