Abby has no idea how good she has it and I want winter back!

I know I work at a Children’s Hospital, but even still, this was a little shocking to me – isn’t it too early?


Or maybe it was shocking to me because I have ZERO Christmas shopping done…I don’t even have ideas for people yet! Ahhhhh!!

Last night I went and gave a sports nutrition talk to the 10k running clinic at one of the local Running Rooms. It’s always a fun experience and I get a 30% off coupon for the store for every talk I give…which means the shoes then don’t cost half my salary! LOL. On my way home I was just thinking about how I was going to immediately get in the house and roll out my ITB and quads…but then I remembered that I needed to cut up veggies for Abby. Sometimes I feel like this is all I do.


Veggies for Abby, you ask? Yup. She’s a dashchund which means, for most, that they are ALWAYS hungry. Like, ALWAYS. Abby would eat until she exploded…and then probably eat some more. With their long backs, it’s crucial that they don’t become overweight so I have to keep Abby’s dog food in reasonable portions but she of course looks at me like I’m starving her. So I started giving her a bowl full of veggies. Twice a day, a bowl full of cut up bite size veggies. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH CUTTING THAT IS?! LOL. Does she like it? Well, as I was telling someone last night, Abby will eat dirt, so yes, she LOVES the veggies. She pretty much inhales them.

And then what cracks me up is that she is too lazy to stand the whole time and always sits down half way through. In her defense, the carrots do require some more chewing!

And, without fail, the poor thing, after FULLY cleaning her bowl (and mat) always goes back and looks up to the counter where the food came from, hoping for more.

Yesterday at work, at noon, our network went down. I work offsite and we rely on some signal coming from a building downtown to allow us access to the hospital’s network…on which we do ALL OUR WORK. Without it, there is literally nothing for us to do…so I went shopping! Obviously.

ShoppingThere’s a mall right across the street from my office – very convenient!

I bought two cute dresses

Dress1 Dress2

And some makeup…


…some VEGAN eye shadow? Am I that naive? I know there’s animal product in lipstick, lip pencils, gloss and likely some creams…but my eye shadow, too?? Weird. For the record, I didn’t notice the Vegan claim until I got home – I bought it because I liked the colour!

And just so my American friends don’t worry that I might be missing out on your Black Friday sales…we “celebrate” it here as well!

Black Friday in Canada

While we are experiencing some much warmer temps there is a price that comes with it…last night while walking Abby the sky was NOT looking good…


…and then hurricane winds picked up!! Ok, I’m being dramatic, but there are 30-40mph gusts that literally threw me around. Here is a street sign I came across while walking Abby this morning.

WindThere are shingles scattered on our street this morning (I’m PRAYING none came from my roof somehow!) and my co-worker lost power overnight. Sooooo…my planned 7 mile run outside became a 5 mile torture session on the ratmill.


I’m still making my way through Breaking Bad (one day I’ll be able to tell you I’ve finished the series!!) and this morning’s episode was a particularly quiet one – meaning that the conversation was held in lowered voices most of the time so I couldn’t hear it over the sound of the TM and I had to rely on the sub-titles…which I only have access to in French so not only do I have to keep my eyes on the screen and read, but I have to translate in my head. Not normally a big deal, but doing that while trying to convince yourself to keep running on the ratmill? Yeah, not easy. But I did it! LOL.

I don’t want to say this but…I kinda miss the snow and cold weather!! KINDA.

Happy Tuesday!




5 thoughts on “Abby has no idea how good she has it and I want winter back!

    1. 50statecanuck Post author

      LOL. She has recently decided she no longer eats fruit…but I think that’s only because she knows I’ll just add more veggies which she prefers. If fruit were all she had on offer I’m sure she’d eventually eat it!
      Haha – do some shopping for me!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Just a Running Chick

    My dog loves carrots, too! Also, in the United States, a lot of malls put up Christmas stuff around September/October nowadays. Most people put up their decorations around Thanksgiving, since most people get 4 days off. I like to have lights on my porch all year round, so I don’t really need to do that!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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