Hockey, bacon, beer & Abby.

Yup, those were the best parts of my weekend – the rest was just a wee bit too crazy busy and, to be honest, I’m kind of glad to be back at work today. KIND OF.

Saturday morning started with field hockey. During the winter months we play indoors under a Dome.

DomeLooks civilized, right? Like it’s a comfortable place to play during the cold weather. Um, yeah, not when you’re the first ones in on a Saturday morning and they don’t turn any heat on whatsoever until after we’re there (not sure they even turn heat on at all to be honest). And this is what I play in.

FHAnd this past Saturday seemed EXTRA cold. I didn’t start feeling my fingers until 40 minutes into the game. And um, dexterity is KIND of important in hockey. LOL. I also forgot my mouth guard and still played but was terrified. I’ve already lost one tooth from hockey, I have no interest in going through that again! My mouth guard is back in my hockey bag now.

FH playDespite the cold, it was SO much fun and I scored a goal – woohoo!! It was a great turn out too…the winter season can be a little sparse (8am on a Saturday morning in the dead of winter is not most people’s favorite time to drive out to a Dome and play hockey!).

FH TeamAfter the game we headed to a local restaurant for breakfast – eggs, bacon, homefries…so good that I couldn’t even pause to take a pic of it!

I learned that if you take a panorama picture while people are moving (and making funny faces at you), their heads come out VERY distorted (the guy between the two people in red – that is NOT what his head looks like!! Ha!).

BreakfastAfter breakfast was our club’s AGM. A notoriously poor attended meeting, but we always know ONE guy will be there. An old guy who no longer plays but is an honorary lifetime member and who makes sure everything is done BY THE BOOKS.

4 people showing up is actually pretty huge - HAHA!

4 people showing up is actually pretty huge – HAHA!

And because our Treasurer resigned (and left a MESS), I was elected Treasurer (to clean up the mess). Am not entirely sure this was a good idea on my part to accept given my other volunteer work, but it was one of those “who else is going to do it” situations!

After the meeting I rushed off to get my snow tires put on. When I made this appointment I made it clear that I would be waiting and if it was going to take longer than an hour I would not take this appointment. I was assured that it would be done in less than an hour. Yeah, 2 hours later I got my car back. I was NOT impressed. The service manager will be getting a phone call from me. I realize some of you probably never have to worry about snow tires, but it’s necessary in here and, in fact, in the province next door (Quebec) it’s the law.

Tire rack in my garage holding which ever season of tires I'm not using at the moment.

Tire rack in my garage holding which ever season of tires I’m not using at the moment.

After getting my tires on I went home and quickly showered and headed out again to meet my friend Ashley for a beer. We used to work together but she left and has become a full time freelance photographer! So we meet up for beers every month or two to catch up!


Yes, the giant empty beer was mine.

Saturday evening was spent doing groceries, started some food prep and then laundry. No one needs photos of this except this one of Abby looking at me in the kitchen wondering when I’m going to finally sit down and cuddle with her.


Don’t worry, I couldn’t resist that face for long and we had some good quality cuddle time.


She seriously has no shame.

Sunday morning was my long run. And WOAH, what a difference from my run on Friday morning which had a windchill of 3F/16C. Yesterday was 39F/4C and felt so warm to me that I I wore capri tights and just a tank under my jacket!

RunI still wore my winter shoes because I suspected not all the paths I would be on would be clear of snow and ice and with the warmer temps, they would likely be quite slippery…


Yup, I was right. Was VERY glad of my shoes!


This is still a pretty view…but I miss the leaves and the sunshine! Below is one of the bridges you can take to Quebec and I’m standing below the Parliament buildings.

RiverAfter my run I had a neighbourhood meeting…there are tenants in one of the houses on my street who chronically violate the parking rules AND they park on their front lawn. So we’re trying to figure out the steps to have them towed. We live on a private street so the rules are different for us and, as President of our street, I get the fun task of navigating through city by-laws.

I also went to Costco yesterday afternoon. This is something I knew would be bad, but it was so bad that I must never do that to myself again. But I needed a couple of items for meals this week AND, most importantly (although not for today) I needed another box of these!

warmersI’m not sure if this is standard at most Costcos but on the weekends, there is always a cop directing traffic in and out of the Costco parking lot. It’s got to be a brutally boring job.

Costco PoliceAnd then, taking advantage of our reprieve from winter weather, I put up my (meager) Christmas lights! I LOVE Christmas lights – I wish it was socially acceptable to have them up all winter long! They just warm things up!

xmas lights


I finally was able to sit down last night and do some MUCH needed stretching and foam rolling. Found a nasty knot in my ITB – UGH. So I need to get on top of that…literally!!

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Hockey, bacon, beer & Abby.

  1. runninrocker

    You are way too cute in your hockey outfit! Is that posted in your TL? It should be! Glad you didn’t lose another tooth! Abby is so sweet and looks to be a great cuddler đŸ™‚ Looks like a fun and busy weekend, great pics!

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