I did what? And I liked it?

Thursday nights are now team runs. One of my teammates, Lisa, works right behind my house so we meet at the end of my street and run 3km to meet up with the rest of the team for 5:30pm. Last night I didn’t get home until 4:45 and it was a MAD rush to get Abby walked (a very short one), fed and myself changed and to the end of the street – it was quite cold last night so I didn’t want to leave Lisa waiting for me too long! Obviously it was dark when we ran last night so I got to try out my new (literally) flashy arm bands!

Flashy arm bands

I LOVE them!! Look how bright they are in the light! I also wore, for the first time this season, my winter running shoes. Seriously, if you live where there are cold temps, snow, slush, ice, I’m telling you, you NEED to get these. They’re Salomon Speedcross 3 Climashield Trail Running Shoe. I am chronically cold and in the winter, I wish I could hibernate like a bear. But with these shoes on, my feet are always toasty warm – even after running through a deep slush puddle!!

Just 4 of us made it out last night (ages: 25, 36, 50, 65). We ran just over 7 miles last night – an out and back route.

Team Run

Camera was so cold that I couldn’t get clear pictures because of a delay!!

Going out was decent…because the wind was behind us. Once we turned around and started back I realized that I needed to start dressing like it was winter – the little fleece mitts I had on were useless!! How useless? THIS useless…

Frozen fingers

When I got home from my run, I could tell that Abby had been really stressed by my quick return from work and then leaving for my run…


Yes, she probably was watching TV.

I ate dinner and did some stretching and then Abby started acting like a crazy lunatic (running around the living room full speed and lunging at me trying to get me to chase her (her favorite game)). *sigh* I was not getting away with that short walk I gave her before my run, so I pulled on my snow suit aka the “Don’t even THINK about attacking me” suit and headed out.

Snow gear

Abby is saying, “Quit your picture taking and let’s GO!”

What I’m about to tell you, also shocks me. Running last night in the cold was actually super invigorating and despite waking up to these temps this morning:

Fahrenheit Celcius

I was super pumped to go run before work. I’m not normally one to run in the evening and then run again the next morning and I’m CERTAINLY not one to run when I don’t need to when it’s COLD outside. I must be coming down with something. LOL

Winter run gear

Today marked the first day I pulled out my winter running jacket. A windchill like that would just cut through my other jackets. HOWEVER, I must have still been half asleep (or, like I suggested, I am coming down with something) because…I STILL WORE MY FALL TIGHTS. Yup, my legs were cold. I had a wind coming at me from one side or the other the entire run. It was a tough slog – icy footing, wind that took your breath away…and it’s just harder to run in the cold (or at least I think so!).

But it was beautiful this morning…and I was so happy to be out there.

SunriseThis weekend, will see a slightly different training schedule for me as, and I’m super stoked about this, winter indoor field hockey starts at 8am tomorrow morning!! WOOHOO!!! It’s from 8-9 and then tomorrow we have our club’s AGM right afterwards but on future weekends I’m going to try and get home quickly to meet my team for our long run at 10am…just not sure what my legs are going to say (or do) about that so I’ll just have to test it out and see. I really hope it’ll work out because, um, running in negative temps alone…not so fun. LOL.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!!

Happy Friday!

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