Heat, Meb, flip flop intervention and what I brought Abby back from Vegas!

Ok, so I got home last night aaaaaaand….MY HOUSE WAS WARM!!! The furnace magically started working again! Chuck and “his guy” came over this morning (as in, Chuck used his key and walked straight into my house! LOL!) and is working on my furnace but at this point, it seems like it was just a water clog that dislodged itself and all the furnace needs is its regular cleaning/servicing!! My bank account is doing a happy dance (and I’m planning some clothes shopping)!!

Just to quickly go back to Vegas, I wanted to mention the race expo and hearing Meb speak.


Normally I’m not terribly interested in listening to “running celebrities” speak – just not what grabs my attention, but for some reason I was drawn to listen to Meb and I am so glad that I went. First, despite me not being American, I was completely overtaken with emotion by the reaction people had to Meb – he is an American hero – and I found myself choking back tears watching the reaction of people around me as they welcomed Meb. Then to listen to Meb. Wow. What an incredibly humble person. We, Canadians and Americans, are so blessed to live in the countries we do with the opportunities and rights we have. But Meb, now a proud Amercian, understands and appreciates them far more than most of us ever will.

This expo was HUGE. And PACKED. I didn’t really need anything but it’s always fun to see what new products are out that us silly runners will buy! I came across a booth selling a whole bunch of different LED lights to use at night while running. And I bought some awesome flashing arm bands (LOL) BUT, the most exciting thing I bought at this booth was for Abby…

LightTell me that’s not cool! LOL!! But seriously I walk her in the dark both morning and night now for the next 5 months and she “dresses” in black as do I, so this BRIGHT leash is awesome!!

Seriously, she is a polar bear inside a weiner dog. She literally wags her tail the entire time during our walks. There are no throwdowns, it’s just all about running through and rolling around in the snow.

Last night I was trying to find space for some new clothes I just bought and I realized how utterly ridiculously packed my closet it. For someone who is so organized, this closet is embarrassing! And this only one half of it!

ClosetSo I started to try and clean some stuff out…and in that process I discovered that I had EIGHT (EIGHT) pairs of flip flops. And remember, I live in Canada. We only wear flip flops for 3 months out of the year. Ridiculous. So I cleaned up my shoe rack (and tried to forget about the fact that I have shoes in my front closet that also need to find room here!). LOL – note, top left…how many pairs of jeans does one girl need??


And then I started to clear out some obvious clothes that I don’t wear and came across this fur stole…WHY DO I OWN THIS?? I THINK it was part of a New Year’s Eve costume from 2008. For the record, it is no longer in my closet.



Tonight is a team run and my first run since Sunday’s race…I CANNOT WAIT!!

Happy Thursday!

One last thing…I found this at the gift shop at the Ottawa airport…is there something that I don’t know? Did we invent yellow school buses?? Anyone know?? LOL!



8 thoughts on “Heat, Meb, flip flop intervention and what I brought Abby back from Vegas!

  1. runninrocker

    I love this post! The furry snow dog video is the best and YES that leash is so perfect! I guess I really missed out not seeing Meb speak. It was so wonderful meeting and hanging out with you and I know we’ll see you many more times! Great race time – you are amazingly fast! Now go clean your closet!



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