Las Vegas…an experience like no other.

(yes, yes, I’ve switched hosts for my blog…it’s a transition still in progress…bear with me!!)

Wow. What an unreal weekend that was. I almost can’t believe all the sights I saw (even if I didn’t want to see some of them…homeless men dancing in adult diapers and charging for pictures taken of them will be one of my recurring nightmares) and the great people I met! I almost don’t know where to begin.

My dad drove me to the airport last Thursday morning after I dropped Abby off at the kennel for 8am…this is us having a quick snuggle on the drive out to Beds for Tails Country Kennels


I arrived at the airport at 10am only to discover that due to mechanical problems, my noon-hour flight to Chicago was delayed…indefinitely. I was placed on the 2pm flight…which meant that I had to spend 4 hours here:


When you fly to the US from Ottawa, you are placed in a room with 1 restaurant and 1 gift shop.

Luckily I found one of 2 charging stations and plugged my phone in so I could be entertained for the next 4 hours.




And I also enjoyed one of these…



I flew to Chicago and, having missed my original connecting flight, was placed on one 2 hours later…so I enjoyed another one of these…AND got carded I might add! Ok, so did the 75 year old woman who ordered after me, but still!!



I landed in Vegas at around 8pm local time (midnight my time) and was spoiled by being picked up by a twitter friend, George, and I can’t tell you how nice that was!! He gave me a quick driving tour of the strip and then dropped me off at my hotel.


Yup, I stayed at the Flamingo.  And how was it? Well, it was clean and comfortable which, really, is the most important for me, but it’s getting old and there was a lack of attention to detail in the upkeep of the rooms. I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it to anyone.

I basically fell into bed as soon as I got there and managed to sleep for 8 hours! Shortly after I woke up, at 8:30am, my hotel room’s phone rang. I answered, really confused as to who was calling me, and was told it was the hotel’s Spa letting me know I had a gift card waiting for me…WHAT?! I nearly fell over. Turns out that I have an AMAZING friend who was incredibly thoughtful and arranged for me to have a massage there to help ensure I had a great weekend!! Is that not the best thing ever?? I immediately booked it for that afternoon…and was in HEAVEN for 60 minutes.


My robe during my hour of pampering…

I spent the next few days pretty much in a daze, exploring the INSANE sights and sounds of Vegas. I have NEVER in my life seen such structures as these hotels, and the lengths they go to be bigger and better than the hotel next door is unreal. My pictures don’t even begin to do it justice because you just can’t take pictures of this.


View from my hotel room


The water fountain “musical” at the Bellagio


My first view of the strip as George gave me a quick tour after picking me up at the airport


The Mirage Hotel’s Volcano as it erupted…we could feel the heat of it from here!!


The Venetian Hotel…INSIDE! You feel like you’re outside walking in Venice!!

I went to Vegas solo, but I met up with friends I have met through Twitter and had an absolutely amazing time meeting and hanging out with them!!


Friday night dinner at Hard Rock with George (@GeorgeOkinaka), Martin (@marathonpitstop), Diane (@runninrocker), Marci (@snarkykay) and Scott (@MrHatters)


Saturday night dinner with some of the same crew from Friday but with the addition of Bill (@exhalebill), Rachel and Dan (@CookingNRunning)!


I spent the most time with these four characters – SUCH nice people!!


Meeting the infamous Martin was so awesome – what a positive & fun guy!! And his wife, Diane, is SO much fun to be around!!

Marci and I hung out with Matthew McConaughey for a while…


…ok, ok, we went to Mme. Toussaud’s wax museum!


Marci and I stare longingly up at Johnny Depp…

But of course, the main reason I was there was to run the half marathon on Sunday. As I mentioned before, my last few races have not gone well due to my own anxiety. So my plan all along had been to go into this race completely carefree. And let me tell you, that is what I did…

Here is what my diet was like in the days leading up to the race…


It was 2 for 1 beers – you can’t say no to the deal, right?

Here is flat Jane…with the race starting at 4:30 in the afternoon, it was weird not laying it out the night before the race!


However, Las Vegas weather decided to play a cruel trick on us racers giving us high winds and temps in the low 50s. With the race being so big (45,000 runners in the half and full marathon that started at the same time, together) I wanted to make sure I was in my corral about 75 minutes before the start gun…but with the flat Jane you just saw, I was going to die of hypothermia (no, I am not being dramatic, you know that I am a cold weather wuss!), so I went to Walgreens and bought some cheap clothing that would keep me warm and that I could toss off to the side 5 minutes before the gun went off. I seriously would have died had I not done that.


Leggings ($6.00, sweatshirt ($19.99), hat ($6.99)…not freezing to death? Priceless!!

Selfie time (along with everyone else) at the start line!!


That sun is deceiving – trust me, it was FREEZING!!

Tomorrow I’ll post about the actual race…one of the most fun races I have ever done!

Happy Tuesday!




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