Beautiful show of thanks, chocolate covered ginger and my new tapering method!

Here are a few photos that appeared in the Ottawa Citizen this morning from yesterday’s Remembrance Day ceremony here in Ottawa.

That’s a whole lot of hero power there.

A man thanking the parade of veterans marching by.

This literally breaks my heart. This is WWII veteran, William Perrin, who is 94 years old. I can’t even imagine what that man has seen and experienced.

Following the ceremony, thousands waited their turn to place their poppy on the tomb of the unknown soldier – the tomb that Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was guarding when he was shot and killed 3 weeks ago.

This is what the top of our war memorial looks like and what it represents:

Symbolic figures of Peace and Freedom – placed that close to each other to represent the inseparability of the two.

As our Governor General, David Johnston, said yesterday at the ceremony:

“Look upward now, and against the sky see the bronze figures of Peace and Freedom. Their arms are linked. They cannot be separated. Because freedom without peace is agony, and peace without freedom is slavery, and we will tolerate neither. This is the truth we owe our dead.”


Ok, so no good way to switch topics here, so I’ll just jump right into my first experience at Oil Changers where they promise they’ll have you in and out in “9 minutes or less” (imagine a catchy jingle to go along with that!) (normally I go to my dealership because my experience with other ‘In and out” oil change places has not been great). Was able to drive right in and immediately had 4 service guys (with big smiles on their face) surround my car and start working on it – washing the front and back windshields, lubricating the door hinges, checking tire pressure, wiper fluid – oh, and changing the oil. And yes, out of there in less than 9 minutes. LOVED IT. Well, as much as you can love getting your car’s oil changed! LOL.

Am I the only person who likes chocolate covered ginger? Let’s be clear, I can’t eat more than 1 or 2 of these at one sitting, but I DO enjoy it.

Notice my nails in that pic? Well, because I’m headed to the crazy city of Las Vegas, I decided I needed to add some crazy to my nails last night. Here are my newest Jamberry Nail Wraps

TECHNICALLY they’re called “Purple Giraffe” and a male friend (the same who asked whether my hair appointment was over after less than one hour) said they looked like turtle shells…but I’m thinking they have a hint of leopard or cheetah in them!! Right?? Ok, maybe not. LOL!

My plan to avoid Abby’s tantrum by avoiding Alan’s house last night failed when she threw down once she saw that we were bypassing his street. There’s no winning with her.

Remember at Thanksgiving when I was at the Norwood Fair watching Lawn Tractor racing and had my illusion of Rick Mercer being a great Canadian dashed (see here for refresher)? Well the clip that he did of the fair finally aired (it can be found here) and I know why I have always thought he was a great and fun Canadian – he comes across SO WELL on TV. Anyway, I found myself in the clip!

LOL. I swear though, that’s me.

Chose sleep over running this morning. Vegas is a crazy town, so I figure my method of tapering should be as well! I fly out tomorrow morning and likely won’t run until the race on Sunday! Sounds like a great plan to me!! Seriously though, this race is purely for fun, I have not time goals or expectations so I’m not concerned at all! 

Might not post again until I’m back next week!!

Happy Wednesday!!

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