Remembering, (Abby) trantruming, and yoga-ing.

It’s Remembrance Day here in Canada (Veterans Day for those in the US) and while those who work for the Federal Government have the day off and retail stores must be closed until noon, the rest of us have to go to work. Usually this is frustrating to me as I enjoy being downtown for the ceremonies, and I’ll be honest, this year, I’m kind of glad that I have work to keep me distracted. In a “normal” year, the ceremonies make me emotional but this year, I think it would be too much for me. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot and killed on the War Memorial where the ceremonies take place. It is thought that there will be 80,000 people downtown this morning and a friend, Anna, who is there with her family, 2 hours before the ceremonies even start, sent me these pics..

The War Memorial is on the left hand side and you can see there is already quite a crowd – the street is empty because there will be a parade of war veterans. I remember when my grandfather, a Brigadier General in WWII was alive and would march in this parade.

Anna said that security is TIGHT. You can see the snipers on the roof of the National Arts Gallery which is just a block from the memorial.

Although this day can be very sad, it also brings people together – here in a city as well as countries…a friend who lives in Atlanta sent this pic to me this morning – it’s of his neighbours house. That makes me smile.

I mentioned yesterday that Abby has started to throw tantrums in front of Alan’s house…it’s now at the point where I am going to have to avoid going past his house if he’s not joining us on our walk.  This was last night – and I enjoy the part where she actually speeds up when we’re headed in the direction of his house (because you know Abby rarely moves out of the SLOW gear)…

But once we get to his house, she is absolutely impossible.

And trying to find Alan is likely what she was dreaming about last night…

I woke up at around 3:30 this morning – not sure why, probably because I was on the other side of the bed and Abby had her head on MY pillow on MY side of the bed. This happens fairly frequently and normally I can go back to sleep, but this morning I tossed and turned until around 4:50…10 minutes before my alarm. THAT IS SO PAINFUL. I think the problem was that I was hungry but was too tired to really make sense of that and tell my body to get up and have something to eat. *sigh*

Beautiful morning to walk Abby…

But I just didn’t have it in my to run. Felt like I might actually fall asleep while running. So I did some yoga in my living room…initially I had the fireplace on to make it cozy…

But within about 5 minutes decided it was turning into hot yoga which I didn’t feel like so I turned it off! LOL!

When I do yoga at home, I use this DVD:

I don’t have that much experience with yoga in a studio, but I really do like this guy. He has another DVD (YinYoga) that I think I’m going to buy. This Power Yoga one kicks my butt every time I do it.

The first downward dog of the session is always so difficult but after a few more, you get into the flow…

Feels soooooo good…

I love the look of this one but I also love how it feels. Great full body stretch. However, the BEST part is Abby. She is always “helping” me in my yoga practice.

Happy Tuesday!!

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