Weekend of parkas, beers and Abby tantrums!

I didn’t run this weekend. Nope, not once. I did that longish run Thursday night with my team and just felt like I needed to take the weekend off – my race in Vegas is in less than a week now and so it was a different way to taper. Although my body I think enjoyed the break, I’ll tell you, it sure threw my schedule. I really feel like I didn’t really get much accomplished this weekend – oh well, it happens.

Woke up Saturday morning to not enjoyable temps…

Which only got worse when I saw what the temp was with the windchil. UGH.

So what did I do? I overreacted and dressed like I was venturing out onto the arctic tundra. Seriously. I wore this to walk Abby. I’m surprised my neighbours weren’t out laughing at me. Well, they probably were from inside their homes. It was a little overboard but I’ll be honest, I wasn’t uncomfortably warm!

Funny what you see when the leaves are off the trees. Here in Ottawa we’ve lost hundreds and hundreds of trees to the Emerald Ash Borer – and trees that have been affected by them are marked by the city with an orange X to be cut down. I have mentioned before about the “Enchanted Forest” near my house – a beautiful slice of paradise in the middle of the city…and look, with all the leaves down, at all the trees that will soon be cut down. So sad.

Abby LOVES being off-leash (but isn’t very good (read: TERRIBLE) with recall so it doesn’t happen all that often). What she also likes is being chased while being off-leash.

And equally fun is finding a branch twice her size and carrying it. Lucky thing, has no idea that she’s a small dog.

Then it was time to go get my hair done. My appointment was at 2pm and at about 2:50 a male friend texted me, “All done?”. I burst out laughing and sent him this pic. “Um, no, I’m at about step 1 of 4!”.

A few hours (and many dollars) later, the hair was all cut, coloured and styled! 

And when you’ve got your hair all pretty, you can’t let it go to waste – you MUST go out! So my neighbour, Alan, and I went for beers at the Clocktower Brew Pup. They brew their own beer and one of their seasonal selections they had on tap was their Pumpkin Beer. I asked to sample it…at first taste it was lovely beer with hints of pumpkin pie…but after 3 more sips I started to feel like by the end of the glass it would taste like I was drinking pumpkin pie…which isn’t something I want to do. So I opted for one of their regular light beers.

What I also did on Saturday was buy new racing flats!! I haven’t worn racing flats in a long time…I’m not entirely sure why I stopped, think I just found a training shoe that I really liked and just raced in it as well. Anyway, I decided to try racing flats again and found THE perfect pair for Vegas. The New Balance Glow 1400…

…they’re called that because they GLOW IN THE DARK!!!

They are 5.7oz and slightly more durable that other racing flats so are able to withstand a bit of use in training as well as racing. I tried them out this morning with an easy 5 mile run on the treadmill and my feet and legs seemed happy with them – but the real test will be on Sunday…in VEGAS, baby!!!

Ok, so I mentioned my neighbour Alan…Abby LOVES Alan. Like SOOOOO much. He’s been walking with us fairly regularly in the evenings and so now, in the morning, when we pass by his house (and he is sound asleep – like most normal humans!), she is insistent that we go ring his doorbell to get him to come with us! She pulls and pulls to try and get to his front steps…

…and then I have a full conversation with her (thank god people are asleep!!) about how he’s asleep, we can’t see him now, we’ll see him tonight, etc…and then she just throws a full out tantrum.

Which both frustrates me and makes me burst out laughing. She is seriously the most ridiculous dog I have ever met. And she’s mine. LOL.

After my run this morning I decided to try a core exercise I had never done before. Eons ago when I worked as a personal trainer at a gym, I was the CORE MASTER. One of my fav exercises was to use two stability balls and do a plank with them – my toes on one of the balls and my hands on the other ball. Like this, except using another stability ball instead of the medicine ball. Anyway, since I don’t have a second stability ball I decided to incorporate my TRX.

Two things I learned from this:

  1. This is HARD.
  2. I am no longer the CORE MASTER.
LOL. I could hold it for about 8 seconds before the ball would just want to roll away from me!

Happy Monday!!

3 thoughts on “Weekend of parkas, beers and Abby tantrums!

  1. Rebecca

    You didn't like the Pumpkin ale !?!?!?!?! Noooo – I'm sad now. It actually isn't too bad!

    I wore my winter jacket to a dressing track banquet on Saturday night – I was still cold!

    My street lost all trees because of the ash borer – it sucked!


  2. Amy Leon

    OMG I just love Abby! And I love your blog too….lol 😉

    The temps were crazy on Saturday. We were just at 32F here. With the wind it was probably minus 400!! Much layers were worn.


  3. Canuck Runner

    Rebecca – I was too chicken to try and go for the full pint. I did enjoy my sips…just was worried it was going to get gross!! Ugh, we didn't lose any trees because we're a newer neighbourhood…but I've seen streets that have been decimated! :(( Has the city planted a new try for you?

    Amy – thank you!!! I love Abby so much – but she REALLY tries my patience sometimes! LOL! I can't wait for the warmer weather in Vegas this weekend…I'll probably come back to full on winter! Ugh!!



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