Rain, Fires and Abby the Shark.

From November until the new year, my team runs Tuesdays and Thursdays nights from a starting point just less than 2 miles from my house – which means that I can join them more easily after work. The idea for these runs is for them to be relatively easy. It’s the end of the racing season (for everyone except me! lol!) and so coach wants us to take some recovery time but as the year comes to an and we are looking toward starting our indoor track workouts in January, we’ll start adding in some tempo time during these runs. But for the next few weeks, they should just be easy…we’ll see!

Last night was a smaller group because some people are taking this week off after racing last weekend and a few others just got tied up at work…it was also raining. I thought it was going to be quite cold, the temp was 41F and, as I said, it was raining, but it turned out to be perfect running conditions and we had a great 9 mile run!

When I got home I was STARVING and so I decided (poorly) to eat dinner before jumping in the shower and so by the time I did shower I was ABSOLUTELY CHILLED from running in the rain. That chilled where getting OUT of the shower just about kills you. LOL.

So I put on my pj’s, my robe, turned on the fireplace and snuggled up alongside my buddy.

But after a while I needed to back away from the fire – it was just too hot…but obviously not for everyone!! She’ll lie like that for an hour and I can barely touch her she’s so hot!

Of course she insists on being carried up to bed at night…I sure worry about how stressed this dog is!

This morning I woke to rain…mixed with that fluffy stuff. Ugh. It’s supposed to turn to actual flurries later today but I doubt any of it will stay on the ground. With it being so wet outside, Abby has to get toweled off when we come inside…

she is NOT a fan – look at her eyes. Reminds me of a shark. LOL.

But it’s soon forgotten once she’s back on the bed curled up on some piece of my clothing.

Not sure what my running plans will be these weekend but nothing major as next Thursday I leave for Vegas (!!) and am running a half marathon on the Sunday…so taper time as well as trip planning and organizing!!

Happy Friday!!

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