New core exercise, Abby’s morning routine, and signs of the fun part of winter!

Yesterday a runner friend of mine who is currently injured and unable to run (actually, let’s rephrase that…he is not supposed to run because it hurts and it’s all I can do to convince him to REST!) asked me to give him some ideas on what he can work on in the gym so he doesn’t feel so useless. He has upper body exercises he can do so I told him I would send him some core exercises he could do as well. So while I was looking for pictures online to go with my descriptions of the exercises I was sending him, I came across one that I hadn’t seen or thought of before that uses the TRX.  After dinner last night I went down into my basement (aka the home gym/laundry room/storage room), and tried it out.

It’s called a TRX plank with abduction/adduction. You get yourself in a plank position with your feet in the handles of the TRX

And you abduct and then adduct your legs while maintaining proper plank form

Video for those who can see it.

I did 3 sets of 30 seconds each and by the third set, I was ready for it to be done. I really liked this one – mostly because it feels cool to do it because it’s so different.

Since I was in core workout mode I did a few more exercises including this one:

Plank position with your toes on the ball (if this is too hard, have your lower legs on the ball to create a bigger base)

And then alternate lifting one foot up, just a few inches, off the ball and then the other – all while maintaining proper plank form (hips square to the floor, straight line head to toes). Did 3 sets of 30 seconds for this one as well.

And what does Abby do during all this I’m sure you’re asking yourself. Well, the answer won’t come as a surprise. She has a bed (one of a few in the house) next to the treadmill that she curls up in to catch up on sleep. LOL.

And then this was Abby this morning. We got up at our usual time of 5am, went downstairs and had breakfast and when I was ready to leave for our walk…

I find Abby upstairs, in the dark of my bedroom, fast asleep on the bed. Eating breakfast is hard work.

So I convince her to at least come DOWN the stairs to the main floor but do you think she wants to come to the front door to LEAVE on the walk? Nope. Pretends I’m not even there.

We finally get out on our walk and for the next 45 minutes…

First while it was dark outside…

And then while it was starting to get light outside…

And then while I was getting ready to leave on my run…

Ran 7 miles this morning – it was lovely and warm (43F/6C) which made the overcast sky tolerable! And those leaves sure are hanging on until the bitter end!!

They’ve installed some of the tell-tale signs of winter. This pic shows the steps that allow skaters down onto the ice once the canal is open for skating.

Where the steps end is where the ice will be – you can see how much snow has to fall before they can make ice thick enough for it to hold the crowds that flock to it – last year over 1.2 million people skated on the canal. See? Am trying to remind myself of the cool things that happen in winter! LOL

Happy Tuesday!

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