Weekend of a football game, running, raking, and Abby being Abby.

It is with great sadness that this is my final post for the season on the Redblacks. Friday, Halloween night, was the final game of our initial season.

This time, the blow-up helmet did not collapse (to my disappointment) as the players all ran out together one last time…unfortunately, this guy in the red jacket and his buddy in blue, felt it necessary to stand up (no one else was at this time) and block my view!

When they ran out onto the field, they ran to the centre and clapped for the fans, thanking us for the season. I’ll admit it, I kinda felt bad for making fun of them all season…KINDA.

They played pretty much like they always do, but I’ll be honest, I was so cold that I didn’t really notice as much! LOL!

I had 3 layers on UNDER the jacket, a hat, scarf, mitts with hand warmers…

…and a blanket wrapped around my legs – oh, and my winter boots on!

But it’s a football game, so I still had cold beer…although just about the worst beer possible.

A good number of people were dressed up in costume…had this guy been sitting in front of me, he would have been requested (politely, but firmly) to take off his “hat”. But the poor girl sitting behind him was too nervous and wouldn’t let me tell him for her. He was dressed as a beer keg…and drank just about as much as one.

This just made me love my team – and really, despite all the jokes I make about them, they’re MY TEAM!!  This was when Redblacks were on defense and Hamilton was “deciding on their play” and House of Pain’s “Jump Around” came on and my team just started jumping around and trying to get all the fans to as well – it was awesome!

In the end we lost 34-25…which relatively speaking, is not a bad showing for us! HA!  My dad has already renewed our (his) season tickets for next year so I just have to wait 8 months for it to start again! Hopefully with a full new coaching staff, a new QB and if not new players, at least maybe ones that have read the CFL rule book? HAHA

Saturday morning was a cool 32F (27F with the windchill) and I met up with my teammates for a long run.

Listen, I’ll admit that once you start running, you get warmer, but I have no idea how Stacey and Nadine happily wore capri tights on Saturday!!! We did 14 miles.

Then I spent the afternoon with two girls I went to grad school with – one is about to pop a baby out any day now and the other has a 6 month old who I hung out with on the floor for a while and made faces at the camera!

Sunday I did groceries, food prep for the week and (insert deep groan and sigh), more raking. And the tree on my property STILL has leaves on it! However, I should stop complaining…I have 3 bags unlike neighbours who had this many out this morning at the curb.

Abby continues to be Abby. Refusing to walk and refusing to acknowledge me.

And no, she didn’t have a stressful weekend.

Most of us set our clocks back this weekend (Arizona, Hawaii, parts of Quebec and British Columbia and most of Saskatchewan did not – other fun facts can be found here). To me it’s just a reminder that we’re that much closer to the depths of winter. But the one good thing right now is that by the time I’m finishing my walk with Abby in the morning, the sun is starting to show its light!

Monday morning means my hill workout. UGH. I planned to do 6 loops of my 2k route that includes “that” hill, but I just felt like I had an empty tank this morning and after 4 loops I threw in the towel. No point in pushing through a workout where you don’t feel like you’re benefiting and in fact are just risking injury. Crossing the train tracks was about the only think interesting about the workout! LOL!

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Weekend of a football game, running, raking, and Abby being Abby.

  1. desyd

    I'm not sure if the coaching staff will be fired since it was the first season, there will be some wiggle room knowing that. I don't think bringing in a new coach to start from stratch is the best idea for an expansion team. The quaterback situation is a little different because I think Hank is older and so why not develop a younger QB…Thus Hank will be back with the team in some form. The Redblacks need a core group of players, you can't cut everyone! I think your expectation were too high for the first season.


  2. desyd

    American players have a hard time adjusting to the Canadian game/rules, like 1 yard off the ball from the scrimage, more players on the field, bigger field, just to name a few. They will be better next year for sure.



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